Well said!
Timothy Fry

I second that.

To be honest every term I’d forge would have some defect… Tens of thousands of people work in finance to literally make money and I don’t think it’s sickening. Thanks to their job they pay for all the necessities, e.g. the rent, everyday meals, fun and so forth. It would be better for them though, if the process itself made them happy and preferentially gave them a boost to become better.

During my PhD studies there are times when I‘m somebodies bitch because I think it necessary for a reason or two. There are plentiful years and meagre years. From my experience if one doesn’t have a perspective, a goal of his/her own, he or she is easier to manipulate. Nature abhors a vacuum, that’s all, and every supervisor knows it well.

If making money is a well spread tool and a way of life, I think it’s better to: understand, observe (like a different culture) and, at times, adapt it for ones means.

That said, the world is a sort of a survival game. Finance is a tool for making life easier by maintaining another tool — money. In that sense it’s not much different from a fishing rod, a spear nor quill, nor paint brush. Not in the essence.