Fuck this world. I’m going to wonderland.

Channelling your inner spice girl.

Did you see what she was wearing? Did you hear the latest gossip or scandal?

Whispers echo through text messages and coffee shops.

Why are we so critical of each other?

What do we gain from scrutinising each other?

Tearing each other down bares many heart breaks, including our own.

So here’s some truth:

Cut out this shit. Cut out the fake-ness. Allow yourself to shine, the rest is BS.

Park your selfishness aside and celebrate other’s successes like your own.

Don’t be the bitter bitch, be the one who uplifts another human being.

Spread the love by sprinkling glitter of kindness everywhere you go. Brighten someone’s day with a little kindness.

Fake-ness is never a good look. Being your authentic self is sexy and empowers others to do the same.

And if that’s not enough, put your happiness out in the world by channelling your inner spice girl, Beyonce or Alicia Keys , as this girl is on fire.