How to overcome negative thoughts

Words of wisdom. Six things to help you overcome negative thoughts:

  1. Smile — change your mood, wipe the crap off your face and smile. Use your muscles in your face wisely
  2. Eliminate your circle — surround yourself with people who will support, challenge and nurture you rather than suck the life out of you.
  3. Take responsibility — move from victim to victor. There is always a choice to make change happen. Suck it up sunshine, you drive your own bus.
  4. Do something for someone else — get over yourself and do something nice for another person. Volunteer your time, donate to a charity or bring in the bins for your neighbours.
  5. Smash the inner critic — invest your energy in to want you want rather than drowning in misery. Get over yourself, learn from your mistake and move forward.
  6. Sing — I may be the world’s worst singer according to my husband however nothing feels as fabulous as Missy Elliot would say — “Get ur freak on”. Pump out a tune to change your state to bulldoze those negative thoughts and smash out the weekly actions. Move over, l’m coming for you.


Angela Kambouris Consultancy