Our brain does some crazy stuff some times.

Our brain does some crazy stuff some times.

Inside each calm, collected hard working woman is an inner psycho waiting. What do l mean?

The lose your inner crazy, all common sense thrown out the window madness, when we are not getting enough sleep.

Anyone feeling me?

Let’s be honest

Everything is magnified.

Try it on.

Single ladies, when you are playing hard to get with a guy and end up sending him 6 text messages, 3 Facebook PMs and 4 Snapchats and there is NO response.

Or when hubby doesn’t reply to your texts or messages within a manner of minutes you decide and he rings you finally, and it’s the too late response, you should have called me earlier, babe!

And then he says something in the call that you invest hours mulling over it, playing it back in your head, over-analysing every word.

Sounding familiar?

Best advice — stop it.

Go get sleep, change the routine and do not respond to any messages.

When you don’t give your brain enough rest, it functions at half-assed. You end up making less than savoury choices.

Rather than letting the “mini me” come out to play, put yourself in bed and have between 7–9 hours sleep a night consistently.

Isn’t it time?