Gender Role has been a big part in advertising: Females are described as pretty, but they should change, “this and that”. While men are portrayed as muscular and opened to society. In occasions these genders are reminded that they should change or get something to make them stand out from everyone. That is exactly what the Weber Grill ad tried to persuade in May, 2017 in the Popular Mechanics magazine. The ad stated that if someone gets their grill, “they know better” and it also shows how the grill is for man parties; so if you own their grill, it can mean you have a lot a friends who come to visit you.

It is said, if you can’t look more manlike, you should just purchase their products. That is precisely what Weber Grills did, it gave the idea that if you have their grill, you have this muscular look around with your friends. Because you have this grill you are the one making the food in a fast pace and impress your friends, making them want one too. This ad shows how someone and his partners can be happy when they have a fancy and a well progress grill.

The Weber Grill add targets males, they want to show how if you buy their product they’ll look better not to themselves but to society. Males are trying to standout from each other and it is portrayed that the product make some one better. In the ad,in bold words it’s said, “For those who know how to grill. For those who think they know better. For those who know best.” It clearly states that if you own this grill, your better than anyone who doesn’t have the grill.

It isn’t easy to create an ad that grab people’s attention just like that. But there is Weber Grill who tried to point out how the males can look better than others by buying their product. In society everyone is shown how people compete to look better than others, and that’s what the Weber Grill offers. It states that your just better, and how it makes you more of a successful man than others.

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