Media Analysis Reflection

In my opinion Media Analysis is a unique class when compared to the other English electives. My ideas toward Media Analysis at first were somewhat different than what I thought. Even though I didn’t do as well as other classmates, I feel I learned a lot through out the semester. This class in my opinion was a challenge and somewhat hard, because it actually made me somewhat try to pass my class.

Of everything we studied, the thing that stand out the most was on perception. I’m pretty sure most of the students in the class changed their way of thought when they see a movie or a Tv show because of perception. I feel this topic was very strong and caught my attention immediately, I can also see how you can use perception in the real world and I feel this topic is practical and will be useful to me in the future. I’m surprised two schools offer this elective, I feel other schools should adopt this course, because this class is pretty cool and kind of fun. It changes your perception about media itself or events that happened around the world.

One of the aspects of Media Analysis that I enjoyed the most would be on the first day of semester. I was surprise on how you thought on the first week, because I wasn’t expecting you to be this excited about what a tv show tried to tell us (tv basically flicked us off). Through out the semester I felt like you were giving us to much homework, assignment after assignment and doing a paper and then assign us more homework. I wasn’t the only student getting upset or stressed about to much work, other student complained about you giving us to much stuff to do. However, Its good for all that work, because Im pretty sure you mentioned about how this class is like a simulator for college.

Overall, even though I’m in the border of failing your class I don’t regret taking this class because this was one of the best classes I taken in my high school career. I just feel you shouldn’t make us do all this work at the end of the semester, but I’m also thanking you for giving me these extra points. I think Medias Analysis would be one of the best electives for Senior year. Even though my strengths are not in writing or blogging I would recommend this class.

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