In Today’s World

The thing is…

In today’s world of airbags, helmets and childproof lids I sometimes wonder why we are not all dead. Here are a few of the things we got away with when we were kids in the 70's…

1. Rode bikes without helmets
2. Boarded planes without being searched
3. Opened pill bottles with ease
4. Ate paint chips
5. Drove in cars with no seat belts.
6. Rode in the back of pick-ups.
7. Stayed home without 911
8. Never had a cell phone in the car.
9. Ate red M & M’s
10. Rode skateboards without pads.
11. Drank water from a hose.
12. Never had a flu shot
13. Walked the streets at night.
14. Left our doors unlocked.
15. Sat in smoke filled restaurants.
16. Played with mercury.
17. Went to movies by ourselves.
18. Never washed our hands.
19. Played with turtles and frogs before eating.
20. Jumped on trampolines without nets