Targeting Wikileaks: What is Section 623 of the Intel Act of 2018

Angelia Fox
5 min readAug 30, 2017


Last week a new Bill was put out on the Senate Floor. Most of it is regarding national security, retirement for Senate and etc but they added a little clause at the end hoping to slide it in. This section names Wikileaks as “a non-state hostile intelligence organization” which in essence is calling it a spy organization or an enemy of the state. Wikileaks is truly only a media organization who publishes documents given to them. Julian Assange is a journalist and an editor, not a spy. It has never been proven that he somehow works for Russia (which is actually funnier than you might think). This is Section of the Bill is a direct attack on freedom of press and free speech and is

ca. 1980–2001

unconstitutional in every sense of the word.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Mieke Eoyang, a former House intelligence committee staffer, said the move would open WikiLeaks up to more extensive surveillance by the US government, allowing the intelligence community to “collect against [WikiLeaks] in the same way they collect against al-Qaeda.” So now they are labeling it a terrorist organization as well. Incredible and unreal!

Other media outlets have published leaks such as the Washington Post and the New York Times, where is there label? Will the government soon declare other news organizations like Breitbart or Infowars hostile next? Will they begin to target Conservatives outlets? The next step after that is simply going full Nazi and only allowing pro-government sponsored media to publish. This is as unconstitutional as socialism.

Free speech and freedom of press are already being targeted elsewhere. The title “Fake News” was originally coined by MSM to target smaller organizations such as Breitbart and even Fox News. Conservatives turned the phrase around but it targeted free speech originally nonetheless. The group Antifa is trying to shut down free speech rallies and Trump rallies and yelling to take away Free Speech. This group is no better than Pre-Nazi Germany’s brown coats. Censorship online on FB and Twitter is more obvious every day. Can free Americans allow this?

Wikileaks is possibly the only news organization to never have to retract a published document in its ten year existence. Can we allow the government to deem an agency that publishes the truth about corruption within government walls to be quieted because they don’t like the facts to be known to the public? NO! The government cannot continue to hide behind a thick wall of deceit!

It seems Congress is afraid of Julian and his organization. What can he reveal about them that would bring them crashing down? Why are they so terrified of a simple media organization?

Wyden, the only dissenter who voted No on the bill when it was voted on by the Senate Intelligence Committee last month said the following “he voted against the bill due to the “legal, constitutional and policy implications” of the WikiLeaks provision.” Wyden, no fan of WikiLeaks himself, cautioned against the introduction of “vague, undefined new categories of enemies” of the US.

Sense of Congress” proposals are not legally binding and are not sent to the president for his signature. They have no formal effect and simply express the opinion of Congress. That, however, does not mean they are irrelevant. Sense of Congress resolutions are often used by Congress to appeal to the president, in an attempt to make him take some specific action. They are also used to express the opinion of Congress to the government of a foreign nation.

From the article from

If WikiLeaks was to be formally classified as an entity hostile to the US, would American citizens be allowed to donate to the website? Would journalists be forbidden to use materials published by WikiLeaks in their reporting?

In an interview on the Liberty Report with former senator Ron Paul, ex-CIA officer Philip Giraldi argued against this labelling, saying that WikiLeaks does not have its own intelligence capabilities, rather it simply publishes material given to it by other people. Treating WikiLeaks as an intelligence agency would mean the government could go after the organization more aggressively, whether that meant hacking its facilities — or indeed, going after people who cooperate with WikiLeaks in any way, shape or form and even prosecuting them.

This means that an American citizen who supports Wikileaks like myself could possibly be arrested for aiding the enemy. Does this sound right to you?

Paul himself pointed out that while the head of WikiLeaks Julian Assange is not even an American citizen, the US is “obsessed with trying to put him in jail”. The CIA I am sure would love to torture him as they did Manning who leaked to Wikileaks. Why? Because he exposes their hypocrisy and lies.

Please don’t allow this to happen. What media organization will be targeted next? Write your Senator a letter today.

link for a list of US Senators

Also I have a list of twitter handles forRepublica Senators included below.

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