The Inhumane Detainment of Julian Assange

Angelia Fox
Aug 5, 2017 · 4 min read

A heavy burden has been placed upon me tonight after reading Julian Assange’s physician records. An incredible voice for truth is truly being tortured mentally in the Embassy because of the British government’s refusal to give him safe passage. The possible extradition to the United States and what would happen in America weighs on him greatly and so is my sympathy and compassion for this great man. We as human beings who are supposed to be humane and just have done little to nothing for Julian. The reason why? We are selfish beings who only care about the little worlds we have created for ourselves.

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Men like Assange are only useful to the general population when they can be used for certain gains, which in his case are political. When we are in need of his leaks, he is a hero and considered a great asset. When we are done using him, we forget about his plight because of our own lack of consideration for others. People lack sympathy, empathy and any sense of compassion in today’s society, so a man like Mr Assange will continue to suffer.

People don’t understand the suffering endured by not getting regular exercise and fresh air or proper medical treatment. If they have never had to live in the situation Julian does they do not understand the complications it causes. We know that isolation is physically bad for us over long periods of time but there are psychological factors at play as well. People become mentally instable, some have hallucinations and lose all sense of time. They begin to have trouble understanding and relating to other’s needs and feelings.

Another thing scientists have found is that the individual becomes restless, agitated, and cannot sleep. Paranoia may set in. In Julian’s case, he has a right to be paranoid as the Police in London are always trying to spy. Lack of sleep is going to make this feeling stronger as days go on. His mental cognition and ability to concentrate has been effected by the constant isolation from the outside world.

Most people who are finally freed of this find that they are no longer the same person and cannot communicate with others as they once did. Family and friends are not viewed as they once they were. Biologists believe that human emotions evolved because they assisted in co-operation among our early ancestors who benefited from living together. Their primary function is social. Isolating an individual has long term effects socially as well. Most people describe a feeling of being numb and no longer experiencing emotions. Some never interact properly again.

Julian is not getting enough socially in order to maintain a proper emotional outlook. He cannot see his family or children for fear they will be threatened. He has to have all visitors vetted properly for fear of spying devices brought in, possible explosives or even food poisoning. This must add to any paranoia he would already experience and make him highly anxious. The report stated he has trouble sleeping at night. Can you blame him?

The lack of sunlight Julian is experiencing can cause all sorts of problems from depression to softer bones. It can cause heart disease in men, it can cause your body to be unable to rid itself of infections and viruses like the flu, and can also cause obesity. Those who spend an extended period awake at night and are exposed to artificial lights have shown are prone to the development of breast and prostate cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. So how is Julian doing it?

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Well, I know from reading several articles that he uses a special light for 20 minutes twice a day but this is not the same thing as actual daylight. The depression he must feel at times from the isolation has to be heightened by the lack of sunlight. Let’s face it, even prisoners get an hour outside each day.

What is happening to Julian Assange is not only inhumane but against his human rights as the UN has ruled. Great Britain needs to give this man safe passage even if it is just to Ecuador where he can continue his political asylum. This is cruel and unusual punishment for a man who according to authorities jumped bail to seek asylum. All allegations from Sweden have been dropped and there is no excuse for continuing this horrible behavior towards this innocent man.

Please write to the Palace of Westminster which houses Parliament and demand his release as well as to Prime Minister Theresa May.

Theresa May via email:

You can contact Parliament here

You can also help by supporting wikileaks and Julian Assange by donating to or

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