Facts about Caroline Springs You Never Knew about!!!

Caroline is one of the most beautiful suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia which is located 25 km west of Melbourne’s central Business district. There are many interesting facts about Caroline Springs which will make you want to settle down there. It is popular for its man-made lake Caroline and its bustling shopping centre CS square.

Caroline has some of the best hospitals, educational centres and provisions for sporting activities which makes it one of the most loved suburbs in Melbourne. Apart from that, there are many tourist attractions in Caroline which makes it ideal to spend a quite little vacation away from the city. The Sunshine hospital in Caroline Springs is situated very conveniently and is equipped with the latest medical technology and experts to take care of your health. If you like playing sports, then you could join some top sports clubs in Caroline Springs like Western Jets Football Club, the Albion Cricket Club or the Deer Park Tennis Club etc. Roadways is generally preferred by everyone for transportation in Caroline Springs but a railway station is also soon on the way. Property prizes in Carolina Springs is comparatively average considering the kind of facilities that the city offers.

When you are there, don’t forget to visit the Caroline Springs Library/Civic Center which includes a playground, BBQ, skate park and much more. The roads are very well planned and hence traffic in Caroline Springs is not that bad really. If you are a foodie, then this city is a haven for exploring multi-cuisine recipes. There are a wide range of restaurants in Caroline Springs that serve everything from continental to Indian to thai food.

There are many reasons to live in Caroline Springs and one of the most important factors apart from the amenities is its peaceful atmosphere. Someone who likes a lead a fast-paced lifestyle might not like the city as much. The city also has its own police station which is always vigilant about the law and order conditions of the city.

Caroline Springs goes down as one of the best suburbs in Melbourne where you can lead a life without the worries of a bustling city.