Reasons that could lead to World War 3

The two Words “World War” could itself send some tremors in your spine. Both the earlier World Wars have had a devastating effect, taking away lives of millions of people, disrupting world economy. Even though they were a thing of the past, World War III still seems to be lurking in the corners. There are several factors that could contribute to World War 3. One can easily notice lot of tensions between different countries that are arising out of various reasons. The water is heating up and boiling under the rocks, one fine day, all of it could simply explode and the scene could get really ugly. So what are the most threatening influencers ofWorld War III? What are the reasons that could trigger World War III?

One of the most important points that need to be considered is the Oil crisis. Everybody wants to own oil resources and that’s the reason which leads to political unrest. Since the demand for oil keeps on increasing, many countries around the world can sense the benefits of taking over countries which produce oil. This is considered to be one of the major factors that to lead to World War 3.

Tensions that are rising between North Korea and South Korea could also take a nasty turn, if not kept under control. Many other countries are associated with this and it could all suddenly blow up to a World War 3. It is one of the major reasons that could lead to World War 3. One cannot forget the effect that Jihgadis and terrorists have had on world politics. They have been creating havoc in different parts of the world which has threatened the internal security of many countries over the years. In a bid to put an end to terrorism, there could be another war as well. This is one of the major factors that could lead to World War III.