In Honor of a Great Leader’s Style

Dear Respected Leader,
You speak more often of your years as an educator coming to a close. I want you to know that your leadership, professional behavior, and expertise help motivate me to be a better educator every day. Your fingerprints remain on most of the positive changes that are leading this school to become The Best School in the Universe. Your influence remains imprinted on all of the staff, especially the ones growing in their leadership skills. Your example as a Lead Learner — with your ever-growing expertise — inspires 21st Century Literacy in us all: Learn. Unlearn. Relearn. The day will come when you stop working every day in your current role, but you will never leave education, for you have left a permanent mark of the most unique kind. You have illustrated and embodied education ideals from Emerson and Dewey to Whitaker and Hattie. As you orchestrate the end of your current role, think of Walt Whitman: “He most honors my style who learns under it to destroy the teacher.” All you have touched here will honor your style and keep reinventing The Best School in the Universe.

With a grateful heart,

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