Christmas in Birmingham

The annual German Christmas market held in Birmingham was quite a surprise to Northern me, who had never even visited this city before. It was truly an experience to see Birmingham and visit the Bullring (Birmingham’s extensive shopping centre) for the first time. The streets were filled with thousands upon thousands of people, full of families, friends who were enjoying the company of one and other and some who were there just for a pint of the German beer.

The attraction that has being going on for over 50 years and is the largest market outside of Germany and Austria. With over 5 million visitors a year it’s never dull for anyone. With 140 stalls there is plenty to see.

The little market stalls where crowded with people waiting to try a little of the German food. With hundreds around the bratwurst stall, while the people working behind stressed over the hundreds still waiting. But in the end the wait and stress was worth it to see the happy customers munch into their delicious wintery treats.

Several other stalls were planted around the market for the enjoyment of the people around, from the little owl ornaments, to the decorative items. The market was for everyone. To my amazement there was even a German coffee stall with all different flavours to offer such as fudge, normal coffee like cappuccino and even a newly found favourite alcoholic beverage Amaretto. We all had a little giggle at the different types of flavours and discussed which we like to try, I didn’t particularly join in this conversation as I am not a huge coffee lover myself.

A perfect way to the end the evening is with a hot cup of coco, served to you in the festive that you can take with you on the cold walk home to warm you up on the freezing night or if you’re into beer perhaps try your luck on that to warm you up.

If you’re bored of the stalls and want to see something new there are even rides to keep you entertained, enjoyable for children and adults and bring a festive spirit to the air. The German Christmas market has been running since November this year right until the 29th of December so don’t miss your chance to visit the Christmas market or you will be at loss.