Sport and Charity a working relationship

Sports and charity link together like salt and vinegar, working in perfect harmony with one and another. Folk alike often come together to celebrate sports related events to help fundraise for important causes like breast cancer or charities that support deprived children.

Martial arts master wants to give back to the community as he said last Sunday at the taekwondo event in Coventry. ‘Teaching people and passing on the art” educating people the importance of the martial art- Taekwondo.

Sadly, they didn’t reach their aim of 1,000 people but succeeded in beating the previous record with an outstanding 939 participants that’s including the public and the studios apart of the Taekwondo organisation. Everyone wanted to ‘give back to the community’ like the event aimed to succeed in.

Unfortunately, two studios were both unable to turn up to help break the record due to untimely circumstances as they were stuck in traffic. This unfortunate news didn’t stop the event happening, family and friends of those who are participating helped to break the record and give back to the community by using their best moves high-kicking moves.

Like karate other sports work perfectly with charity similarly like football, which holds a strong united front with charity as they’re well known to work perfectly together. For example, Soccer aid which is to raise money to help Unicef build a safer world for children. Several celebrities and former football professionals play amongst each other to help raise money.

Over the years its raised over £20 million just through ticket sales and donations from the public. The event started in 2006 and currently still runs each year and each year it only grows. Celebrities like Louis Tomlinson, Olly Murs and Jack Whitehall have all taken part in recent years. The game is televised to support the cause further.

Other areas sport links well with charity is running. Race for life is another great example of a sports related event. The running event is a series of women-only events raising money to research in several different types of cancer. Over the past 20 years more than 8 million women have engaged in the running charity to help fund said research.

There are many ways you can partake in the events from raise for life which are; the 5K run that everyone is capable of doing, 10k run and the pretty muddy event which is different to others because it’s an obstacle course.

Boxing matches have a success rate in raising money for charity as people come together to watch the match. All the money goes to the charity of choice. People watch the match in enjoyment as they’re brought together by the cause.

The competitors take part to ‘give back to the community’. A company called White Collar Boxing was set up in 1988. Ultra-White Collar boxing has become one of the most established organisation in the UK with thousands of events been held since 2009. This organisation is one of Cancer Research biggest fundraisers in the UK, raising £2 million alone in 2015.

Sport Relief is a charity event that spins off from Comic Relief with association of BBC sport. The charity takes pleasure in helping to raise money for vulnerable people in both the UK and the world’s poorest countries. 2002 marks the first year Sport Relief established itself as a chartable sports event and marked BBC. The big event takes place every two years as comic relief takes its place the following year.

Sports Relief created ‘the Sport Relief Mile’ so the campaign had a focus with an event open to anyone you could run, walk, jog etc. Although in 2014 it was changed so that participant can run, swim or cycle 1 mile. What makes this charity so spectacular is the fact that it is recorded live onto national television promoting a strong relationship between sport and charity. Re-defying for everyone watching what it means to be partaking in a great cause.

Another great sporting charity is Rugby For Heroes. The charity aims to help the serving members of the military and those who have left the military for personal circumstances. They aim to raise awareness and funds for the military who are transitioning into civilian life.

They help with providing financial and personal support. Rugby for Heroes is there for a struggling friend in their time of needs. The reason the two are linked is because the charitable origination believes that rugby and the military have the same core values; leadership, teamwork, commitment etc.

Additionally, another sports charity that aims to help others through the medium of sports is StreetGames. The charity aims to help the disadvantaged children and young people through providing weekly projects.

They currently have over 800 projects. StreetGames was set up in a response to lack of sport provision in deprived areas. The group was created around 2005 and has helped the lacking areas since, helping over 600 communities in Scotland, England and Wales ever since.

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