A network is only as good as the individuals and the relationships that it’s made up of, so when it comes to a professional network, the more the merrier! But it doesn’t end there. A truly valuable network is also founded on meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships. Remember, social connections — whether professional or otherwise — should always be two-way avenues. Here’s how to add value to your network.

Alright, you know you need to add value to your network. But how?

There’s common wisdom out there in the transaction paradigm of networking that says you have to give before you take. …

I know, you’re busy. And often you’re so focused on your own work and your own development that it’s hard to take a step back — and a deep breath — and see how you can engage more meaningfully with the people around you. We’ve got you covered with this super easy networking strategy.

In my post, 7 Great Ways to Build Better Professional Relationships, I recommended kindness as a core strategy for creating positive experiences with the people in your network.

So let’s talk more about kindness as your best networking strategy

Your first strategy for shared positive experience is being kind. It’s really simple: just look for ways to…

Excellent networking is all about creating positive shared experiences. Do you know how to build great professional relationships?

Once you’ve mastered things like personal introductions, making new connections, and initiating a follow-up, the later phases of networking are more about sharing rather than exchanging, creating rather than dividing, and experiencing rather than reaching an outcome.

A strong network of friends and supporters is essential to a healthy career and a happy life, and research repeatedly shows that the single best predictor of whether a candidate will get the job is whether he or she already knows someone who works at the target company. Do you know how to network?

Networking is important.

It’s something you HAVE to do. But is it something you dread?

You’re not alone. When we hear the word “network,” most of us are like….

Tough Decisions. (Patrick Fore at Unsplash).

Did you get into multiple schools? It’s a tough decision, I know.

This article is for people who have that most high quality problem of having to choose between rival offers for MBA admission. If you’re an applicant, and you’re trying to choose schools to APPLY to, come back in a month or so. I’ll have an article about that. For now, I’m talking to those of you lucky few who got into more than one MBA program, a problem that likely none of your friends will be able to sympathize with.

I mean, COME ON!! Really? You’re complaining because…

Earthrise. NASA. Apollo 8. December 24, 1968.

This weekend I was catching up with a beloved former client and friend who’s had an incredible career. He started in Wall Street finance, then used his MBA to pivot to impact investing. After working on the ground to build businesses in Africa and then managing a portfolio of impact investments, he’s now helping fund space exploration.

He embodies the kind of leader that inspires me most:

Someone who is holding himself to an ever-higher standard of personal impact. Listening to him explain his rationale behind the choice to dedicate the next era of his career to space exploration made my hair stand on end. As did his description of…

Photo via Unsplash from instagram.com/sashafreemind

It’s interview season: for jobs, for MBAs, for this year’s performance review and bonus assessment.

In the fall, humanity faces the firing squad. Or at least interviews can feel that way, am I right? No matter how accomplished you are, there are probably few things in life that make you feel as insecure as interviews do. To the lizard brain, it might as well be a matter of life and death.

When I was interviewing for summer internships during my MBA, I struggled a lot to present a confident façade when inside the alarm bells were screaming: Impostor! Impostor!! Fraud…

If you’ve decided to write a recommendation for someone, you’re awesome. The best kinds of people are the ones that spend their time and energy helping other people advance. I’ve helped thousands of people get into their dream MBA programs or hired into their dream jobs. That means I’ve seen thousands of recommendation letters, and let me tell you, they ain’t all pretty.

But writing great recommendations isn’t rocket science. If you just keep a few principles in mind, you too can be a ninja recommender.

Here is my complete guide. Use it in good health. …

Danger. Battery Extremely Low. Crankiness imminent.

I am writing this in Portugal.

I am here for a very interesting conference. Also attending the conference are several people I like a lot, many of whom live on different continents and whom I see quite rarely. I’ve never been to Lisbon before (or Portugal for that matter). Nonetheless, instead of going out on the town to see some of the sights with them, I am alone in my room. This choice goes against just about any advice you would likely read or hear about professional success, having it all, and networking. But I am not lazy, irrational, or…

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