Portfolio Update: We Invested in Linker Finance!

Angeles Ventures
2 min readDec 12, 2023

Angeles Ventures is excited to announce its investment in Linker Finance!

Linker Finance is a white-label app solution for banks, companies, and brands. This application allows customers to develop customizable and user-friendly fintech platforms and launch them in days or weeks, rather than months or years.

The founders have a successful track record, including an Inc. 5000 company and a previous exit to Disney. Additionally, they have achieved impressive traction by engaging with community banks, fintech companies, and brands as customers, indicating early product-market fit and strong ROI potential.

Linker Finance is supported by experienced advisors, including Edrizio de la Cruz and Roberto Medrano, and it has recently graduated from Techstars. You can check out their pitch from Techstars Demo Day below:

Check the full video here.

Angeles Ventures’ General Partner, Adela Cepeda, stated, “The founders’ impressive backgrounds and past successes inspire confidence in their ability to grow Linker Finance.”

Meanwhile, David Olivencia, another General Partner at Angeles Ventures, commented, “Linker Finance has the virtuous combination of a billion-dollar market, strong early traction, a disruptive solution, and talented founders.”

We chose to invest in Linker Finance for the following reasons:

1. Massive embedded finance market.

Linker Finance is targeting the $100 billion embedded finance market, which is projected to grow at a double-digit rate in the coming years. They target directly 10,000 financial institutions that hold 33% of U.S. banking assets.

2. Strong early traction.

As Linker Finance explained during their Techstars Demo Day, they have secured 6 customers and nearly $400k in ARR in less than a year. They also have a pipeline to reach $1M in the first half of 2024.

3. Disruptive Solution

Linker Finance’s solution allows for the rapid development of fintech apps in minutes. It offers an appealing UI/UX and the ability to connect to 30+ plug-and-play integrations. This will enable community banks and brands to maintain the same level of personalization online as they do in real life and accomplish this within weeks rather than years.

4. Talented Team

Jorge Garcia, Alejandro Corpeño, and Claudia Bardales are one of a kind. They are Latinos with deep web applications, fintech, and entrepreneurship experience. Their passion is inspirational.



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