A Better Way to Buying Your Home

Don’t grope in the dark with a real estate agent that is exclusively focused on selling you a home and earning their commission, when you can have an agent that has expertise in interior design and a vested interest in helping you find not just a house but your perfect home.

Finding someone with knowledge in both real estate and home design will not only reduce buyer’s remorse but will ensure a stronger satisfaction with the home in its entirety. New Jersey’s Lenore Spinelli explains her career as a real estate buyer’s agent and interior designer as a way of “giving home buyers the benefit of someone who understands their needs and wants for a new house, while also having the vision to make it the client’s perfect home.”

Learn the unsurmountable benefits of having a design expert assist in home-buying in this full interview with Lenore Spinelli: Real Estate & Interior Design: A Match Made In Heaven

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