Transform Your Home With This Ultimate Seating Guide

Welcoming and cozy corners that generate a feeling of intimacy and comfort are very often included in home designs. These corners can be found throughout the entire house, creating small areas to which residents can retreat and please different needs. The type of furnishings chosen for each of these spaces and the way they are positioned, define the character of the area as well as its intended use.

There are a number of different reasons why designing such areas in your interior will be a positive addition to your dwelling. Some will serve practical needs while others offer a deeper satisfaction; so by determining your personal needs you can then identify the best seating area for your home.

A Conversational Area

Image Source : Nicola Interiors

Creating a conversational area which is ideal for quiet, one-on-one conversations is a relatively easy task . To maximize comfort, arm chairs or poufs, can be placed side by side in the co-operative position which allows open communication and eye-contact. People who sit in the co-operative position tend to think alike and are willing to work together to solve any issue. Comfort in chairs is usually measured by how well the shoulders and legs are supported; ottomans or even stylish footstools are a nice addition to the armchairs, and will raise comfort levels even more. Incorporating a conversational seating area in a private room, such as the bedroom, allows for personal, sensitive discussions you might want to have with a loved one.

A Reading Area

Image Source: VRA Interiors

Book lovers long for warm, personal areas in the house to which they can retreat and comfortably let themselves drift away in their readings. Comfort and silence are primary considerations when designing a reading corner. Opt for the quieter area of the house which is likely to be found away from common areas and the children’s bedrooms. In order to determine the best seating for you, consider the way you most enjoy sitting and relaxing. If you prefer to get cozy and sink into soft cushions, then generously padded armchairs with many pillows will transform your reading time into the most comfortable experience. If you seek support, then a firm reading chair would be best. Lighting is just as important a factor as the furniture. The lack of light will tire your eyesight and an excessive amount will deprive you of a relaxing ambiance. Adjustable lighting is likely the best option to place in a reading corner, which will allow you to find that perfect balance.

A “Switch Off” Area in the Home Office

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Although home offices are designed to help maintain concentration, their decor should signify that it is still part of the house. Having a separate seating area within the home office can work as the perfect place to take a break when the need occurs. Apart from that, having a stylish, matching table and chairs can be used as an extra work surface or even for meetings when required.

A Bathroom Seating Area

Image Source : Lumar Interiors

A seating area in a bathroom is an unexpected accent; but incorporating it into your design can be functional and a real style booster at the same time. The choice of the furniture depends on the character you wish to offer your interior. You can either include a “quiet” corner bench which will serve everyday needs or a “loud” statement armchair in the center that will instantly add drama and interest to the room.

Individual Spaces in Loft Living

Image Source: Betty Wasserman Art & Interiors

With its lack of dividing walls, living in a loft can so easily lack the feeling of boundaries. Creating small yet functional corners, and making it clear that each one serves different needs, can help to partition the space while keeping it open. In homes such as this New York Loft, intriguing room dividers can be utilized to create cozy seating areas as well as offering a smooth transition from one part of the loft to the next.

A Front Entry Seating Area

Image Source : Peterssen / Keller Architecture

A home’s inviting, warm, and comfortable character can be conceived from the very first moment someone walks in. Instead of the traditional hall tree that is so expected to be seen in the entryway, placing a bench which can be used by family or guests during their arrival or departure will be a pleasant surprise and very much appreciated; especially by the more elderly. Its practicality being a place to sit and put on or remove shoes, or simply a seating area for those eager to go out but that have to wait until everyone is ready; usually the younger, enthusiastic members.