My stage experience…

Concert Hall
My solo dance

One of my most memorable stage experience was almost two years ago. It was a concert devoted to the anniversary of our dance studio. The occasion took place in my hometown in the local Palace of Culture. Among a lot of different benefits of this palace, it has the only one rotating stage in Nizhny Novgorod Region. Frankly speaking, I am proud of this place.

Well, that day there were approximately 400 hundred people in the concert hall. I was supposed to dance solo. It was my first experience with a solo performance on a big stage.

When I was in front of the audience, I felt unbelievable satisfaction. It is such a pleasure to be onstage, but it doubles when you are alone there. You open your heart and soul to the audience. You get an adrenalin rush. Unfortunately, the time of being on the stage flies fast. I wish it never ended.

At the end of the performance I heard the thounderous applause, and some people ascended onstage and gave me flowers. I`ll never forget that wonderful day.

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