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One of the characteristic Russian features which should be realized first of all is its immensity. It seems to us that Moscow is noticeably isolated from Western Europe although in fact it is situated quite close to western Russian border. The geographical center of the country is more likely Novosibirsk because Siberia takes almost all its eastern part. Everything in Russia is on a massive scale: its geography, history, passions, emotions, tragedies. Russians have the same immensity in the foundation relating to God which emphasizes his greatness and reverence that he evokes. None of any other understanding of divine wouldn`t be able to find resonance in the country of such a massive scale… The same happens with emotions, everything runs to wide-rang. For people, nurtured in the frames of more tolerant western culture, Dostoevsky`s characters seem to be monstrous, absurd odd fishes, however the writer has claimed that they correspond to reality. A few of people who lived in Russia would argue with it.

Russia has a centuries-long history which it is proud of. The country had been Christianized long time before America was discovered, that`s why distinct messianic claims are traced in its self-awareness. They were highly noticeable in the epoch of Marxism, when Russia confident in its national unicity spread the absolute truth into the world. However, these claims had a long history which started from a famous prophesy that Moscow became an heiress of God`s mission which had belonged to Rome, then to Byzantium: “Two Romes have fallen. The third stands. And there will not be a fourth.” That`s why a person who comes to Russia the first time will be a wise man if he rationally cultivates inside a sincere respect to this country.

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