Off-Off-Broadway Theater

One of the theater producers and critics argued that an Off-Off-Broadway Theater is the only place where real theater happens. In my opinion, he meant that this type of theater can develop something new in theater industry, because it is experimental and gives voice to new playwrights, actors and directors. Due to these facts, they are like “workshops” for Broadway theater which cannot gamble on new ways of production because it is a conservative one and based on making a profit. 
From my point of view, this critic is absolutely right. I think real theater is more than making a lucrative performance on stage, it is something that has to be felt and has to be in your heart. Broadway theater is deprived this feature. Its aim is to surpass other theaters and prosper. That’s why Broadway theater doesn’t take chances and only plucks the most popular and successful plays from theaters around the country, for instance, from Off-Off-Broadway theater, and round out its repertory.