The Renaissance

If I was asked whether I’d like to live in the renaissance period or not, my answer would be no. Undoubtedly, this epoch was a period of breakthroughs in science, geographical discoveries, and arts. It was an era of world progress. However, I wouldn’t be able to exist then without conveniences we have now. I think we have become so accustomed to the facilities of the 21st century that we cannot even imagine the life during that period. Well, frankly, I can’t. 
 I wouldn’t like to live during the Renaissance because it was a century of changes and other improvements. I believe that it is difficult to accept the changing world, when the people’s mindset changes, the quality of life changes, and it doesn’t matter in what direction it goes. I think I would feel lost and scared, because you never know what the changes bring.

That`s why I wouldn’t like to live in the Renaissance.

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