The unifying message of jazz.

I absolutely agree with all the quotes about jazz. It is fair that it is called freedom. I think when blacks were freed and allowed to play they desperately started exposing themselves and their sentiments via this art form. That zest to express themselves led to creating a superior art which is recognized today by every human being. As for me, jazz has power to gain our attention and mind.

In my opinion experimental dance as well as jazz can contribute to unifying the nations. It is kinda difficult art form to understand, but still it is. Experimental dance doesn`t takes any form or style, it surpasses our mind and understanding. Experimental dance is freedom too. It makes the viewers watch attentively the performance in order to capture the essence. Actually, the dancers do not try to convey their feelings and emotions, BUT to emphasize that the universe isn`t made of objects and illustrate our infinite being. Experimental dance demonstrates something beyond our mind, it can prevent the wars if people try to penetrate into it.

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