Blog Project #2 & #3

Format: Picture

Audience: General Public/ those effected by war.

Purpose: The purpose of this photo is to show the effects of war around the world on innocent people, for example children.

Effectiveness: I believe this photo is very effecting on achieving its purpose. It shows that there are others being effected by war around them by showing the teddy bear which presumably belonged to a child. The teddy bear is beat up and it sitting in the hand of a statue of which is probably someone who has a lot of power in their country. By looking at this photo it makes you wonder what happen to the child this teddy bear belonged to and if they are ok.

Format: Advertisement

Audience: General public/ those who strictly believe in gender roles.

Purpose: Deifies gender stereotypes.

Effectiveness: I think that this advertisement is very effective in showing that not everyone lives by specific gender roles. In this photo the baby is sucking on the mans cheek like they would to a women s breast. This shows that not all men have to be the ones who work and bring home the bread money. There are plenty of women who work while the man is a stay at home dad, this is basically showing that society is evolving rather than sticking to regular gender rules.