I’m the kind of writer who will write a book like it’s a walk in the fog.
Kirstin Vanlierde

Kirsten, I just commented on your other post that I don’t know what genre you write in, but now I know;-) And I love your approach to writing. I used to write like that, but I could never manage to complete the story. I got too tangled up and confused and I didn’t trust the process to unfold by itself enough. Now that I’ve tried outlining, I outline more, but not everything. I want the bulk of the writing to unfold itself. So I outline only enough to give me a strong sense of where I’m going, and the rest is up to the story. We’ll see how that goes;-) Thanks for your comments, I hope you continue to enjoy reading the articles. Do you write on Medium as well? I have my own publication called Post Haste. If you’re interested in writing then hop over there and see if it’s something up your alley or not. ;-) Here’s the link. https://medium.com/post-haste