A graffiti on a wall that reads in Chinese: “We can’t return to normal because the normal we had was precisely the problem”
A graffiti on a wall that reads in Chinese: “We can’t return to normal because the normal we had was precisely the problem”

In 2019 a photo was uploaded on a Reddit community that depicted a graffiti on a wall that read in Chinese characters: “We can’t return to normal because the normal we had was precisely the problem”. That message was written presumably during the Hong Kong unrests but it echoes to my mind in a broader context ever since.

With the pandemic disrupting our daily routines, many parts of our lives changed overnight. Actions and experiences once performed without much thought, now invoke fear in people’s minds as social distancing became a norm. …

Hello all and welcome to the Designer Hangout AMA with Jim Kalbach, Head of Customer Experience at MURAL and author of the new book, The Jobs to be Done Playbook, available at Rosenfeld Media

[Q] What would you say to skeptics that think that JTBD is just plain old user needs (or goals, tasks, activities etc) dressed up to fit a business and marketing audience?

Why is it that so many UXers seem skeptical to the JTBD framework?

JTBD comes from the business community. It’s not a design technique. It also has a 3 decade old history (or more). But it resembles techniques from HCD and DT. If you find it familiar, that’s a good thing, I think.

I don’t really understand why UXers are skeptical. It’s a common language that lets us speak…

Does your company have a purpose?

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What is your purpose? Imagine this question in a job interview! It would pose a big WHAT(?) moment and make people think for some time before answering. However, every human being has a purpose. The thing that is a higher goal. To save the world? To do good? …

Understanding the need for a multi-angled view of design in business.

What is the value of design? This question is overwhelmingly bounced around, not only on social media like design twitter, but also in meetings, in product teams, and in companies’ strategic steering groups. Rightly so, we all need to understand — even designers — the real value that design creates.

There are a couple of interesting scenarios that I observe dominating design in business, that happen over and over again, that make the answer for “what is the value of design?” almost impossible to justify. Design being either a function, or a partner in companies.

To understand design holistically we…

Welcome to Designer Hangout’s first AMA of 2019! We’re excited to host the Abstract Product Design team in the channel!

For the AMA, the abstract team is listed in the answers by the first names, and follow-up questions and comments by the Designer Hangout community are listed by the abbreviation DH

[Q] Should we start with brief intros from the team before taking questions from the community?

Hi! Payam here. Product Designer working on Abstract. Previously I was working on DSM and Studio at InVision. Before that I was working on Design Systems at Shopify.

Hey there! Josh Brewer, CEO at Abstract. Previously, started the incubator Habitat that Abstract came out of. And before that was the Principal Designer at Twitter.

I’m, Sara, Product Designer as well! Have been in the B2B space for a bit…

A research guide when starting a design system.

Person avatars made by Freepic at flaticon.com

Design systems are a hot topic right now. Everyone talks about them and wants to build them. It is evident that software has eaten the world, and design has a major role in this. Undoubtedly, design systems are a much needed help to scaling design and development teams.

A design system unites product teams around a common visual language. It reduces design debt, accelerates the design process, and builds bridges between teams working in concert to bring products to life. Learn how you can create your design system and help your team improve product quality while reducing design debt.

We discuss with Kevin and the Designer Hangout community about meetings

Learn more about Kevin’s book, Meeting Design.

Question: I would make all meetings standing, forces people to be as brief as possible and makes them take discussions elsewhere as a creator I find meetings very disruptive and mostly counterproductive.

One way you can encourage people to be brief is by asking them to write before they speak. E.g. “everyone grab three post it notes, write your thoughts on the topic, then share what you wrote.” Creates a conversational constraint.

Question: I wish the quality of audio and video was better during remote meetings, especially when a large team is at a conference table in NYC. Between the…

Exploring the possibilities of product design in the future, sans dependencies on tools

Invision Studio is just around the corner. I got the early access, but I am supposed to keep it hush-hush for now. I have seen what it can do, and what it could potentially also be in the future.

Last week I read an article on Fast Company yesterday, about Figma and their vision of being the platform at the intersection of design and engineering. I admit I have only tried that tool on a surface level. A lot of designers seem to dig it, therefore I presume it is a valid tool to get stuff done.

Being a user…


Everyone is talking about it. At the same time whenever everyone is talking about it, there is a lot of buzz and hype around it. That is great. But it should not take us away from the prime reason of Design Systems. They are here to serve as the single source of truth for delightful and functional products and services.

At DSCONF, we felt that we ought to open up the conversation. In the local scene, of course, but on a global scale as well. We have keynotes, talks, case studies, workshops and networking. All of these formats of communication…

Timeless advice that new, and not so new designers, should think about.

Always in love with Unsplash images for cover photos of articles.

There are a lot of articles out there that will tell you how to become the best designer in the world! Some of them are probably pretty good.

However this one… Well, this one is mine.

Starting off, I will give you a bit of TL;DR. You will not learn here today the holy grail of skills of a perfect designer. If you are disappointed, I just saved you 4 minutes of your time, give or take. What you will learn today, is another designer’s opinion on how to make something meaningful out of your craft. …

Angelos Arnis

Design System Lead at the Finnish Postal Service. Editor at Joint Frontiers

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