How can you say you know me
If you can't even see my pain
I wrote it down unseen
Only those words can explain
You see right through me
Don't even know I'm there
Why would you love me
Why would you care
I'm not on the A-list
And I'm not number one
With this life
I am way past done
Dead on the outside
Now dead within
Let it embrace me
Come to me, my sin
No one else knows who I am
I am just some faint memory
How can you love
If you don't even know me
I am a vacant space
Hollow, transparent, clear
I am nothing to no one
Have no reflection in the mirror
Do you see me
No of course you don't
You say you'll be there
But I know you won't
I am of non-existence
I am of no worth
My life a black hole
I live with this curse
I see you, and I hear you
But you don't look my way
Why would you waste your time on me
I am invisible to you anyway
You think I don't notice
Or that I don't mind
But you don't know the truth
You just leave me behind
I am an empty space on the wall
One of a million
I would leave forever
But I have nowhere to run
I am just a face among faces
A tiny shell in a sea
Nothing that would be missed
Because I am just little invisible me
No one can see
And no one really knows
They all just go right by
And my depression just grows
I am alone in the world
Nothing to not a soul
A broken thrown out toy
That will never be whole
I am indestructible
My heart cannot break
Because it was never fixed
And that was all it could take
You thought you could see me
But once again you were wrong
I will never amount to anything
Because I will never again be that strong
The next tear that falls
Well that could be mine
The light that I once held
That will never again shine
You will not notice
And you will not care
How do I know this
Well because you were never really there
I know you said you were
But it was all false
Next time you see my body
There will be no pulse
I hope someday you'll understand
And I hope someday you'll see
I was so sick and tired
Of being just invisible me...tears in my eyes
: my fears alive
: dreams where lost
: hopes were dry
: all alone
: breaking of my heart 
: no longer wanting to be alive
: to play my part
: my family hadn't a care for me
: my friends barley spoke a word to me
: I feel left out
: not a soul cared that I exist 
: and was actually there
: but as times flew by, memory of me disappears.


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