Photo by Gabriel Matula on Unsplash [portrayal of me screaming when I saw Brock Turner in my news feed again after I had hoped he would be gone for good]

All of the Brock Turner Headlines I Wish I Was Reading Right Now.

He isn’t just a “Stanford swimmer”… he’s a convicted rapist.

Apparently Brock Turner, who was convicted of raping an unconscious young woman by a dumpster last year and only served three out of the six months he was sentenced to is back in the news.

This time it’s because he and his lawyer have applied for an appeal in his care.

According to an article in Refinery29:

“His lawyers called the initial trial “a detailed and lengthy set of lies.”
While the crime is known as the Stanford rape case, Turner was in fact not convicted of rapebut three felony counts of sexual assault. ‘What we are saying that what happened is not a crime,’ said Turner’s legal adviser, John Tompkins, to Bay Area news outlet KNTV-TV. ‘It happened, but it was not anywhere close to a crime.’”

There are so many things about this that are painful for so many people who have tried to seek justice after being assaulted and did not get the support they deserved. To make matters worst, Cyntoia Brown, a young woman who was pimped out when she was underage and who killed the man who purchased her for sex, is facing a life sentence.

That and the #metoo has shed light on just how many women have dealt with the kind of behavior exhibited by Brock Turner and the people who supported him even after proof that he did in fact rape someone.

But there is also something else that seems to disappoint readers who were trying to learn about the case. One of them being that so many publications mentioned Turner’s old college and his swimming abilities before stating what he was convicted of.

I keep seeing headlines about this application to appeal the sexual assault case that go something like this:

Here are some headlines I’d personally like to see on publications who recently posted about the recent turn of events surrounding Turner:

  • Guy How Needs to Stop Showing Up in the News Cycle Has Applied for an Appeal in his Sexual Assault Conviction
  • Has Brock Turner Learned Nothing At All?
  • Brock Turner is Back and He’s Worst Than Ever
  • Rape is Rape and Someone Should Tell That to Brock Turner
  • Brock Turner Who Only Served Three Months for Raping Someone Has Filed for an Appeal on his Case
  • Convicted Rapist Brock Turner Apologizes for Violating Unconscious Woman

My personal favorite comes in the form of a tweet:

It doesn’t matter if someone was a talented swimmer, a movie star, a genius, a carpenter, a janitor. They should’t rape anyone.

Let’s see where the next chapter of this frustratingly/seemingly never ending saga of assault goes next.

Call to action:

Stay informed about assault. Share information, and support each other. Especially if you or someone you care about has survived any form of abuse.

Also, please share your favorite titles/reactions to titles about assault that you either loved, or found infuriating below. Thank you for reading!