I hope that you don’t mind an unrelated question.
Memphis Blues

I got to go to school via CUNY, an affordable system that doesn’t just pay lip service to new media or diversity. Their networking was amazing as was the technological and freelancing knowledge that I learned through the system. I wouldn’t have as many tech/software skills as I have now without CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. I was also accepted into Columbia but I couldn’t afford it. Had it not been like a place like CUNY I don’t think I’d do graduate school.

Plus some newsrooms, especially bilingual ones and non bilingual ones across the US are expanding in terms of political and identity politics coverage, along with expanding audio, data, and video. So I went to try to get a leg up in terms of those kind of skills.

And worry not, I didn’t take it as too critical :D it’s understandable.

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