Looking at this article made me think about how many photographers use getty images, shutterstock etc as a way of showcasing their work?

One photographer credited is James Gourley who is an official photographer for Rex Shutterstock, a photographic press agency and picture library. They also offer services of PR photography and Corporate photography amongst others, including image retouching and digital manipulation. There is an application form on their website for photographers wishing to work for them. Working for a photo library like this would involve immediate uploading of images to their website so that photos are current and can be found instantly; I think it’s the kind of job I could succeed at because from what I’ve seen, there isn’t a photo limit which means that two similar images don’t have to be compared and one deleted because both of them can be uploaded. It also appears to be a ‘more the merrier’ approach which is how I work. As well as working photographically for an agency of this kind, there is also the role of researcher to consider.

From what I’ve found so far, people who photograph behind the scenes tend to be experienced/interested in photojournalism, photo essays and documentary as opposed to other genres of photography. Gourley studied Photojournalism and then went on to become a freelance photographer & video editor, followed by becoming the official photographer for Nick Clegg, which is something I had failed to realise existed as a job so is another type of job to consider. A job focused mostly on one person seems like it would suit me because it’s kind of documentary like — going places with the person and candidly photographing them; all the photos on his website of Nick Clegg are unposed and natural, however I assume the job would also consist of more formal photographs such as meetings and headshots.

Getty is another one of the most well known image databases; a global digital media company who represents the work of more than 250,000 talented and dedicated photographers and other content creators. Applying to work for Getty involves submitting specific work alongside a website and hoping they like it. It’s definitely worth applying for as there is nothing to lose.

Gareth Cattermole is a contributor to Getty / represented by them and has been for thirteen years. His style is very much photo-journalistic and his images definitely have the wow factor.

Press Association is yet another agency whose photos have been used for the above article; this is a UK based agency which is much smaller than the previous two, however its website is easier to navigate and seems simpler due to its smaller size. Unlike the other agencies, there isn’t an application form online and with only 25 staff photographers it seems unlikely that there will be an opportunity.

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