How to create catchy headlines that steal your audience’s attention

How to create catchy headlines that steal your audience’s attention

More often than not, we have great ideas, our topics are fantastic and our content is wonderful, but unfortunately the headline of that content is not catchy enough and doesn’t capture our readers’ attention, and therefore people miss a beneficial reading.

In my article of today, I will reveal 10 tips to create headlines that draw eyeballs and make people to rush to your web or blog to read your content or open your email.

When the headline of our content is not catchy enough, we are missing the opportunity of spreading our brand’s message and growing our audience.

· Keep it short, but concise and straightforward (about 7 -10 words).

· Use the Question format (“Would you like to know how to….”).

· Use Numbers (“10 Tips for a More Effective Website”).

· Showcase a beneficial aspect of your content for the reader (“Get a better sleep following these easy steps”).

· Spark your audience’s curiosity/hope/interest (“I could never imagine the reaction they had after the door was open”).

· Use HOW, WHEN, WHERE and WHAT (“How to… Where to find the best…. What to ask in your job interview”).

· Use appealing adjectives (“Steps to cook an absolutely delicious cake”).

· Use Calls-To-Action (“Put into practice these easy shortcuts to make your life easier”).

· Use absolute positive terms, such as best, greatest, perfect, funniest, best fit, all you need to know about….

· Make huge announcements or exciting news: (“Finally our best….” / “Proud to introduce our new….”).

I’m pretty sure these easy tricks will attract readers, and grow your audience.

Maybe you have your own tips or you have something that works fine and it is not on this list. Share it with us in the comments below!

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