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AlterConf Is Coming

Philadelphia is home to an assortment of tech companies and organizations who value diversity. The Women In Tech Summit has supported and celebrated women, helping them transition into new careers and have the confidence to ask for a raise. Our Girl Develop It chapter is one of the largest and most active in the nation. The Philly New Tech Meetup began less than 2 years ago, meets monthly, and devoted a March meetup to female innovators. Many of us understand the importance of community and providing a safe space to grow and learn. Yet, there’s more that can be done.

Enter AlterConf

In an effort to make the tech and gaming community more inclusive, AlterConf provides underrepresented individuals with a platform to share their experiences. The nuanced conversations that occur are necessary and deliberate — this discourse is the start of progress. Additionally, they compensate speakers fairly, which in itself shows the value of a speaker’s expertise and time. This is another way that AlterConf stands apart from other tech conferences.

Coming To A Venue Near You

Months ago, I saw on Twitter that they were taking applications for Philadelphia ambassadors. I applied and recently learned that I was accepted! It’s an honor to help make their Philadelphia debut a success.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, check out the prospectus here.

Are you a member of a marginalized group in tech? Submit your talk here.

Do you have an ADA compliant venue available for this conference? Let’s discuss the possibility of hosting.

Email me with any questions or suggestions

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