Discussing sexual misconduct in STEM in our post-Weinstein world

Everyone was forced to condemn Weinstein

You want a picture of Kate Winslet putting her arm around an admitted child rapist? Here you go.

Weinstein’s enablers and friends were called out

Left: Hands that grab without consent. Right: Mouth that spews b.s. accusations of “defamation.”

Connecting the dots is done for movies but not for science

Thank you @khelgen for promoting a children’s book that prominently features a known sexual assailant!

Hollywood doesn’t have a reporting system

Entertainment reporters are more critical than science reporters

So where does this leave us?

What can we do about this?


Update (13 December 2017)

"Committed to Dialogue"

Written by

I was sexually assaulted at the Smithsonian in 2011, and the museum administration continues to mishandle my case. Here I write about ways to move forward.

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