If you support the American Society of Mammalogists, you’re complicit #MeTooSTEM

"Committed to Dialogue"
Jan 10 · 6 min read
Left: Miguel Pinto is an admitted sexual assailant and is the recipient of various ASM awards. Right: Kristofer Helgen knowingly enabled Pinto for years, in part by mentioning Pinto’s prominence within the ASM.
Douglas A. Kelt “hope[s] never to have to deal with” the consequences of his ongoing failure to ban an admitted sexual assailant from his society. So please, ladies, next time you’re grabbed without your consent at an American Society of Mammalogists meeting, think of Doug’s hopes and dreams before you fill out that Google Doc.


"Committed to Dialogue"

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I was sexually assaulted at the Smithsonian in 2011, and the museum administration continues to mishandle my case. Here I write about ways to move forward.

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