8 reasons why I love to live in Cyprus

Posted on February 21, 2017 by Isabelle Fraser

“I have made some of the best friends I will ever have in Cyprus; people I will be friends with forever.”

This month, we’re sharing the expat love vibe — aka ‘Lovepat’ — with expats far and wide. Today it’s the turn of Jenny Fram, expat and businesswoman in Cyprus, on why this beautiful island makes her feel weak at the knees!

1. Sunshine

You can never say you don’t see enough of the sun in Cyprus! It shines all day almost every day. Everything looks so much better in the sun, and the temperature isn’t too bad either!

2. Mountains

There aren’t many places where you can be on the beach in the morning and high in the mountains less than an hour later. Whatever the time of year, Troodos is beautiful. Whether it’s lush and green or snow covered.

3. Food

There are so many things to love about food in Cyprus. Whether it’s a simple souvla or a delicious pastitsio. Favourites for me are souvlaki with tzatziki, koupes from the bakery and dolmades, while my Dad on a visit heads straight for the cheese pies!

4. People

Cyprus is a big melting pot of people. On a daily basis you meet and greet so many nationalities. Cypriots, Greeks, Russians, Chinese, Scandinavians. I know people from so many countries now and it’s taught me a lot. Life is not just about ‘little Britain’.

5. Beaches

Now people do say that Cyprus doesn’t have the greatest beaches, and it’s true (certainly in Limassol) that they are not the most picturesque. But they are clean and they are safe and they are SO close. What can be better than jumping in the car and being on the beach in 10 minutes? (Beautiful landscape near of Nissi beach and Cavo Greco in Ayia Napa, Cyprus island, Mediterranean Sea. Amazing blue green sea and sunny day.)

6. Lifestyle

“Siga Siga” — everyone will hear that phrase within 2 days of arriving in Cyprus and it certainly does ring true. It’s hard to get used to a more laid back pace of life but if you let yourself relax and embrace ‘slowly slowly’ it’s a much more relaxed way to live.

7. Safety

Cyprus is consistently rated one of the safest places in the world to live. Not so long ago people left their doors and windows open when they went out. It’s not quite that safe anymore, but there is still a strong sense of security being in Cyprus. Especially when you have small children.

8. Friends

I have made some of the best friends I will ever have in Cyprus; people I will be friends with forever. The kind of friend that when they move away to another part of the world you always keep in touch with. The kind that it doesn’t matter how much times passes, you pick up again where you left off. The thing I love the most about Cyprus!

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Originally published at www.angloinfo.com on February 21, 2017.

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