Jews As Central To White Civilisation

In an earlier thread I demonstrated that white civilisation is not synonymous with Europe ( Some White Nationalists make two major mistaken assumptions when dealing with white history;

1. They often incorrectly assume that today’s (ethnic/geographic) populations represent the same racial makeup as thousands of years ago as if there were no migrations, invasions or other admixture in history.

2. They assume, because of the first incorrect assumption above, that the centre of white civilisation was always in Europe.

Until the Bronze Age, Central Asia, and much of the Near East were white. Ancient Egyptian depictions and descriptions of North Africans and Near Easterners show white people.

Egypt seems to have been the exception in North Africa but white’s seem to have formed the upper classes as demonstrated by DNA results from pharaohs ( Southern Arabia seems to have had an indigenous Australoid population but they, initially, lived in isolation from Caucasoids until the Semitic migrations south from the original Proto-Semitic homeland;

Central Asia was part of the white Persia;

White civilisation’s heartland was not based in Europe, or even with the Indo-European peoples, but in the largely Semitic Fertile Crescent reigion prior to the classical Greek period in which they supplanted Persia as the dominant civilisation (it must also be remembered that even the upper class elites in the Indian Sub-Continent were originally white as enforced by the laws of the Hindu caste system).

Europe is even named for a Levantine Goddess. Europe was on the periphery of this civilisation, while not barbaric, they were considered barbarians by the Greeks, and other ancient whites, as their level of civilisation was not to the same level of sophistication as the white Near East where writing, property rights, farming and law were invented during this period and later introduced to Europe from the Near East just as farming had been by Near Eastern Neolithic Farmers. White civilisation has been moving westward ever since (excluding the New World) it’s heartland during various epochs can be seen as being in the Fertile Crescent;






Then migrating westwards after the Greek defeat of Persia. The Greeks made no secret of the contribution of Babylon, Egypt etc to their civlisation:

Then Rome which in turn took over from Greece and made no secret of the Greek influence on it’s civilisation (Rome was literally said to have been founded by refugees from the Trojan war):

Rome Split into two parts with the east leading to the orthodox Christian civlisation and the west leading to the Catholic/Protestant Christian civilisation;

The Holy Roman Empire descended from the western Roman Empire with the Byzantine and later Russian Empire descending from the east:

This is obviously a simplified chain of events but the westward migration of white civilisation is clear as was the Jewish presence during every epoch, in every empire. Far from being foreigners to white civilisation Jews played a central part in every period of white civilisation and are the only group to share the cultural and genetic legacy of this migration westward. In fact Jews are one of the oldest ethnicities in Europe and genetically are the most similar to ancient neolithic farmers (EEF).

Jews place at the centre of white civilisation is easily demonstrated and secure. Jews have no reason to feel otherwise and those who view Jews as interlopers within white European civlisation are plainly incorrect without even analysing the Jewish contribution to western culture or the influence of Judaism on Christianity. Jews have always been at the centre of white civilisation and Jewish genetic components, far from reflecting some exotic non-white admixture, reflect the fact Jews lived in every major white civilisation during every epoch since the Bronze Age and Jewish racial admixture is a reflection of Near Eastern and European components because Jews, unique amongst whites, personify the westward migration of white civilisation from the Fertile Crescent to Europe (including exotic yet still Caucasoid Assyrid, Armenid and other component parts).

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