No White Nationalists, White Civilisation Has Not Always Been Synonymous With Europe

Time and again I am met with the ignorant view that white is a synonym for European and that white civilisation is synonymous with Europe. Neither is historically true.

White civilisation was never restricted to the European continent, it has just retained racial purity in Europe -due to Europe’s relative geographic isolation from Africa and Asia- far better than other historic white civilisations in North Africa, the Near East, and South and Central Asia. These formally white civilisations today only retain varying degrees of their white heritage due to thousands of years of admixture from migrations and invasions from Asia and Africa -as well as the legacy of slavery- since their foundations. A good example is the white-founded Hindu culture of India which is now mixed-racially despite attempts -through the cast system- to retain racial purity, in a sea of pigmentated people, which was successful for hundreds of years.

Whites, that is fair-skinned pure Caucasoids, were restricted by environmental factors to Southern Europe, North Africa, the Near East and parts of Asia until the end of the last Ice Age:

During the beginning of the historical period whites were found throughout these areas. The Ancient Egyptians correctly identified North Africans (the ancestors of the pure Berber people) as a white civlisation, of the period, as well as the then pure Semitic peoples (represented by the first and third racial pictorial representatives, from the left, in the below diagram from Ancient Egypt):

The pockets of Caucasoids that lived in geographic isolation during the last Ice Age would eventually evolve into different language families. There are two schools of thought presently about the linkage between the Indo-European and Semitic language families relationship (one being they are distinct) but genetic data now proves the correctness of:

The Indo-Semitic hypothesis (which) maintains that a genetic relationship exists between Indo-European and Semitic — that is, that the Indo-European and Semitic (and Hamitic) language families descend from a prehistoric language ancestral to them both

The dominant theory for the Proto-Indo-European language family homeland, north of the Caucasus mountains, is below:

We can clearly see that, even using this as the most resticted definition for white civilsation, that white civilisation was never limited to Europe. White Indo-Europeans that spread to Europe were fortunate enough to only admix with other Caucasid groups and retained their “whiteness” until today. This can be contrasted with those outside of Europe who, even with the implication of caste systems, lost their epic battle to retain racial purity and eventually would intermarry with non-whites, for political and other reasons, to varying degrees as is evident today.

If we take the alternative view, proposed by linguists, of the Proto-Indo-European homeland being south of the Caucasus Mountains (top map below) we see it is identical with the Proto-Semitic homeland (second map below) thus furthering the legitimacy of the Indo-Semitic hypothesis (although, thanks to genetics we need no such evidence to prove the racial links between the two groups of whites, as we see in the varying racial clusters, in the bottom map below):

White civilisations were never limited to Europe. Even without counting pre-Islamic Semitic civilisations, Indo-European civilisations historically controlled as much territory outside of Europe, as within Europe:

Furthermore, the ancient Near Eastern peoples were once pure whites, for instance, ancient Sumerian statues even show that Sumerian people had blue-eyes:

Although, fair-skinned Caucasoids are not limited to blue-eyed people, it is the best proof that these areas were formally purely “white” as blue eyes are exclusive to the white race. Our white civilisation did not begin with Greece and Rome but with Sumeria and Egypt (King Tutankhamun belonged to YDNA haplogroup R1b1a2 -which has since been overrun by non-white haplogroups in Egypt- but is the haplogroup of about half of Western European men today).

White civilisation has had a long post-Ice Age history beginning in Sumeria, Babylon, Egypt, Persia and Scythia even before the great classical period of Greece and Rome cemented Europe as the heartland of the white race into the modern era. White civilisation is not synonymous with Europe even if Europe is synonymous with white civilisation. We can be proud of these formerly white civilisations and white-founded civilisations outside of the geographic boundaries of Europe, even if today those areas are only minority white/or mixed-race, they still retain the legacy of white civilisation even as some descend into Islamic barbarism.

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