What if drugs were free in the country of Dopistan?

Whether we like it or not, we live in an age of ridiculous abundance made possible by accumulated technological advances that have happened across multiple different industries in the last century or so … accumulated advances are perhaps best exemplified by microprocessors and Moore’s Law, but the semiconductor industry is far from unique. Engineers keep hammering away at making improvements, removing impediments, increasing efficiency, quality, safety … accumulated advances over decades in serious mass production result in a situation that humans are not suited for: abundance.

There are ways to make abundance tougher. Customization, for example, is still a tad costly [although the costs of tailoring products is falling dramatically], but the fact of the matter is we can mass produce all kinds of goods for less that what it takes to collect the money for producing those goods. Housing, clothing, power, calories, whatever good that lots of humans want in mass quantities — we can produce billions of units of that good for less than what it costs to store it, distribute it, meter it and collect payment for it. This also applies to drugs — the actual PRODUCTION costs of morphine or heroin or LSD or mushrooms or marijuana or any other drug you want to imagine are basically free.

What most farmers or engineers or scientifically-skilled managers of large production processes know … abundance in mass quantities is relatively easy to achieve; with our mechanization, automation and information technologies, mass production does not require a lot of people any more… we humans did not evolve in a climate of abundance; we are not capable of dealing with abundance well … we get lazy, fat, addicted, unhealthy … abundance is not as easy as when scarcity answers for you.

The BIG problem that human beings have now is moderation or saying NO to what hurts us … this problem becomes gigantic when people want to make choices for other people, to constrain other people’s set of available choices. Thinking about life was a lot easier when everything was so scarce; things will get tougher when nothing is scarce anymore.

For the sake of this argument, we will limit the range of drugs available to those that have NO PATENT CLAIMS … this is NOT about drug companies recouping the cost of R&D on some life-saving drug … this is only about painkillers, hallucinogens, depressants, stimulants and other ordinary, everyday drugs that have been around basically forever. The actual production costs of those drugs is cheap, cheap, cheap … ORDERS of magnitude cheaper than the cost of growing and roasting and grinding coffee beans into a cup of espresso.

It is pretty easy to take out human error and automate different production processes; particularly if we think about networked machines that furnish maintenance, reliability and safety data back to the home office. Long ago, companies started selling rice-cooking machines or breadmaking machines, so this sort of thing is not that big of a leap. It’s not outside the realm of possibility to imagine drug-cooking machines; they’d be like bread baking machines and if they were networked to an outfit like Netflix, customers could order recipes and maintenance modules automagically. If Cody Wilson and the gang at Defense Distributed can produce and sell GhostGunner CNC mills for AR-15s, it wouldn’t be that difficult for somebody else to start selling dope cooking machines that would put high end espresso machines and juicers to shame, right? Maybe someone should do that! Maybe someone IS!

Maybe there’s an even better way to fix this than distributed drug manufacturing. The dirty little secret about the drug business is that the really dangerous stuff is dreadfully cheap and simple to make in LARGE BATCHES. Want proof, take look at the [meth-compromised] skill set of someone running a meth lab and look at the addictive, aphrodisiacal, euphorical qualities of their product. Distilled alcohol is one of the more expensive and difficult drugs to produce; even so, an alcohol like ethanol so ridiculous cheap that we have to MANDATE that people burn it in their cars in order to dispose of the worthless crap.

So let’s drop the pretenses and just go with LARGE batches. ANY pharmaceutical engineer will tell you that it costs more to run to book the transaction than it costs to actually buy the inputs and equipment to produce the damned stuff. The really BIG COST in Big Pharma is the cost of professional liars and consultants who will help pharma companies validate/verify that their drugs comply with FDA regulations. Professionals cannot be expected lie for free.

Maybe it would be better if we just shipped all of the addicts to country that would be like summer camp for dope addicts. What if drugs were free in the country of Dopistan? Then it’d be a really simple matter of setting up Dopistan with giant dispensing system … like worthless GMO feed for more worthless pork. Anyone who wanted to emigrate to Dopistan would be given plane fare and shelter and unlimited drugs and unlimited crappy food … when an addict finally hit bottom and decided enough was enough, the addict could go to a hospital to kick … and then go back home. But there’d be NO TOLERANCE for drugs anywhere EXCEPT for Dopistan … and Dopistan would always be COST FREE for anyone who wanted to escape.

WHY NOT? It has ALWAYS been easier for dope up a population that wants to escape than it is to feed them, make them productive and motivate them. {Isn’t that what cable/television are all about? Isn’t that what State religion USED to be all about? How many amongst us are not addicted to some form of escape or another?}

We know that the need to get money for an addiction leads addicts to do very nasty things in order to get the money they need for the next fix … but instead of blaming the creator of artificial scarcity, ie the government, we blame the addicts. The addict industry is HUGE … parents and others around addicts ultimately end up paying but mostly only because they don’t want the problems that come from addicts getting money for their fixes.

Why not just get rid of the PROBLEM that the addicts cause and the parasites in the world who get rich off of addicts problems by getting rid of the artificial scarcity?

The BOTTOM LINE is we cannot and will not get rid of artificial scarcity created by government prohibitions … because makes some people very, VERY, VERY RICH … while the scarcity also propels people to do nasty things that make our world very, VERY, VERY violent. We react by investing more faith and energy in governments are ever more nasty and violent and likely to lock up their citizens. We cannot just say no to our addiction to government, to violence and things that drive accumulation of wealth and power because we all like to imagine that we are better than addicts OR the fallacy that our loved ones wouldn’t be addicts if there were no dope dealers … we are addicted to government because we are addicted to the lie that we are not ALL similarly helpless, depraved souls.

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