A couple of facts about Black America

Post-World War II America: Blacks were ascending into the middle class at higher rates than any other time, anywhere in the history of the world. Why? The black family was together.

75% of black kids today in America are born into single-mother households. In inner cities, the rate is ever higher than 80%.

Back before president Lyndon B. Johnson, a Democrat & a notorious racist (not a faux-racist like you want Donald Trump to be), 92% of black kids were born into two-parent homes.

Barack Obama knew the importance of wedlock, and yet, he didn’t publicly emphasize this. Instead, he preached “black mothers are the backbone of the black community. Black men need to start taking care of their kids”. He also advocating beating children more so that they can become better future citizens, without knowing that black mothers spank/beat their kids at a higher rate than any other race/ethnicity in America.

The group Black Lives Matter needs a reform or revamp of their values and principles, if you ask me.