Fight ISIS with what exactly?

‪I love it when Westernized Islamic “leaders” draw their opinions as to what we, attacked Westerners, must do in order to deal with the scourge that is Islamic extremism.

According to this particular moron, we…must not do anything. Zilch. No reaction whatsoever, because it’ll only make the terrorists happy if we drop bombs on them. Give me a break, Mohammed! As if ISIS actually needs more motive in recruiting these young degenerates. As if the fact that no matter what, they already justify our destruction by claiming it a holy commandment (Jihad) to enter Jennah (heaven) is irrelevant?

So tell me, oh divine Islamic scholar, how DO we deal with ISIS? Hashtags? By say, lighting up monuments like the (now securely circled off due to your people) Eiffel Tower a bit brighter after the next attack? Or screw it! Maybe we should just assign them US passports & invite them to live here in the U.S., amongst our tolerant society!

Give me a fucking break!

-April 13, 2017 (late afternoon)