Socialism is cool (when your fridge is full of food and you have the latest iPhone in your pocket)

The less the government (especially a nation already as industrialized and developed as ours) is involved in your life, the better the condition of its people. It is that simple.

With that in mind, why is it that in 2017 we find ourselves in such an aggressive, politically-charged atmosphere? The answer to that question has got to be linked to how much of a terrible effect years of globalist, leftist policies has had in this once beautifully free, brave nation of ours. A nation whose current youth see no problem in hating our history, or even more serious, banning speech from those holding opposing views to their own. I often think about how much of a toll this incredibly volatile & charged reality will take on this country I dearly love for years and years to come.

Another thing. For some ungodly reason, socialism & far-leftism in general seems edgy & cool nowadays, especially to those involved in academia. But please, you moron, take it from someone who’s closely observed the detrimental effects of leftism during a 10-year period in his birth country of Brazil. It is a pipe dream! Humans are severely flawed. Too flawed in order to depend on one man (e.g. North Korea’s “supreme leader”) & his partisan crew, located high up in the governmental ladder, in order to allegedly execute an egalitarian system. With that simple notion in mind, a system which praises such righteousness (in theory, communism — equality for all regardless of class — truly is honorable) in its ideology, will never physically work. Without exception, past nations which in one way or another attempted to put it into work, resulted in epic failures, with the result almost always leading up to misery through authoritarianism (the Soviet Union under Stalin, and China under Mao, Cuba and Fidel’s revolutionaries, and most recently Venezuela), a massive national debt due to, amongst many reasons not limited to, the sacking of the population & abolishment of the middle class while enriching those considered to be members of the establishment, and perhaps the most dire of characteristics being the horrific suffering of the people. Yet, there are those who always come out and say, “but that wasn’t real Communism/Socialism”. Without being able to point to a successful component of their beloved ideology. I’m sorry, but real communism to me is the one that killed over double the amount of people Nazism did.

“Oh, but there’s the example of democratic socialist Sweden! Look at how happy they are with their country!Wrong again. If by “happiness” you mean paying 30% upwards to 70% of taxes based on an average yearly salary of U$32,000 (not the higher income bracket), and having the current millennial generation answering in surveys that “the state is akin to my parent & I am fully committed to such state”, while seeing their actual state being ravaged by an influx of third world migrants numbering the size of 10% of their total population and turning their once peacefully, prosperous country into one now possessing “no-go zones” for police in big cities like Malmö and Stockholm, due to the inability of these migrants assimilating to Western society, instead, turning Stockholm into the rape capital (per capita) of the world, all these being a product of leftist policies, then yeah, I guess the Swedes can be considered “happy”. It’s no wonder the place bore the term, “Stockholm Syndrome”…

-May 5th, 2017