Inside Angry Boars — 2021 Recap

Dear BoarFam,

2021 is ending today. Unbelievable how quickly this year has passed and how many amazing things have happened especially for our Boars in the last three months. It’s a perfect moment to capture the most important milestones that were achieved and those special moments worth remembering.

This 2021 recap will have a chronological order and start were it all began. Let’s dive right in. It’s gonna be a long read ;-)

Angry Boars — How it all started

Would be funny to start the Angry Boars story with “Once upon a time” but that would sound like this project has already seen years pass by. By the amount of effort that was put in and the number of milestones achieved you could definitely think it has. But it is actually not even a year old. If we take the very first steps into account.

I asked our dev Nemecu how our Boars got started and he wrote down the story for us:

“It was around May when I discovered BAYC NFTs and started looking into the PFP generative stuff. I knew about NFTs in general already and vaguely about OpenSea, SuperRare, Rarible and how artists were already shifting to the NFT space. I recall Gutter Cat Gang was about to launch soon as well and I know I tried to mint one but didn’t make it.

Having an entrepreneurship mindset, I immediately started thinking about how I could do something like that myself, but I knew I needed more info first. I had a chat about this with Gomezz right away and I explained the idea at a core level and he wasn’t that impressed at first. I discovered a website at that time which really helped me get started from somewhere and actually get some information about PFPs and what projects to look at.

I was trying to research more and more about PFPs and 10k generative collections. It was very intriguing and I wanted to learn as much as possible. I kept on learning more and more about the subject and I think around mid June I kind of had all the “pieces” together, in theory. I had another long talk with Gomezz about this and how I really felt this is the best thing that we can do right now. Not only because I saw it as an opportunity but also because of how new and tech focused the whole idea was. In the end we both agreed that we need to at least try and see if we can actually do it.

We filled the “artist” position really quick because Gomezz immediately said Skipsq (his primary school and old time friend) will be the best for this and after that we just needed the technical devs which took a bit of time, because we really wanted to have someone trusted in our team on this position. So we began looking through our circle of friends. It was around mid July now and we were ready with the team in place, so we started the actual work around here. Skipsq started working on the artwork. We had some initial sketches with a few other animals PFPs and long story short we chose the boar as the winner. Once that was in place, we started working on the roadmap, website, and all the other stuff. I think we started the Discord around mid August, meaning “created” it. Twitter was created end of July, but I think we started posting in August. We took a while to setup Discord, which was a very basic setup at first and was improved gradually. Around end of August Discord started getting traction. We had the levels/activity requirement for presale in place and I think that was the moment we really started to get people into the Discord and find out about our project and so on.

From that point forward it was a lot of hard work until our public sale and after that a lot of hard work until now and there will be a lot more hard work moving forward.”

Early Sketches

If you want to know more about those early days, listen to the interview with Skipsq!


Oh those wonderful, exciting presale days. They seem so far away and yet it is only a little more than 3 months ago. Chat was crazy those days. A lot of new people joined, there were various collabs and a tough grind involved: you had to reach level 2 in chat until September 12th to get presale access. But there were only 1500 spots. You can imagine the spamming that happened in chat. Crazy GIF wars, a whole lot of “LFG” and words spread out in single letters.

Even though it was crazy you could already see the strength of our community. Everyone was welcomed warmly, the process was explained patiently again and again and every level up was cheered and celebrated. An attitude that has become one of the main wonderful features of this BoarFam.

Presale started September 15th at 4 PM UTC and the suspense was crazy. Our devs made a smart decision by giving all presalers three days to catch a good gas window and allowed 3 mints in total per wallet. When presale ended on September 18th there were a total of 1775 Angry Boars minted and Gomezz finished it up with some great words to remember:

“Success is our duty. Not an option.
Going to sleep now thinking:
How can we take our project to the next level?
How can we disrupt the industry?
How can we take what we do to a completely new level?
Remember, everyone: Never settle for good when you can be great”

What a great and inspiring finish to a successful presale. The only tough part was, that our boars wouldn´t reveal until main sale, which meant a 7 (!!!) days wait. The team spent a lot of time with us in chat and on voice, trying to make the wait a little less hard with new sneak peeks, raffles, live drawing sessions with Skipsq and their usual sneaky teasers.


The day we all have been waiting for. The final reveal of our presale mints and the option for the public to mint their boars. Mainsale was set up to start on September 23rd at 4 PM UTC but got delayed by 30 minutes due to massive gas prices while other projects minted at the same time.

The closer we got to the starting time the more crazy chat became. A lot of bots entered suddenly and spammed peoples DMs. General chat was disabled for lower roles and got a 2 minutes slow down.
When mainsale started the issues with scammers just got worse. The website suddenly crashed. A 25 Million Request attack plus a huge bot attack on Discord. But our devs were smart and of course super well prepared — a back up website was in place in minutes and people could finally mint their boars.

Many of our OG Boars and Boarettes were sitting in voice chat together waiting excitedly for our boars to reveal and ready to snipe whatever rare boar would be dropped on the floor. The atmosphere was amazing. The community tried their best to support new people in general chat, answer questions and cheer every newly revealed boar.

Angry Boars were live on Rarity tools already 4 hours after the start of mainsale and sold out after 9 hours. Such an amazing achievement despite the chaos of the launch. That day our devs showed their real strength— they were incredibly well prepared and allowed a smooth mainsale all the way.

Two Scams and a Community Coming for Help

We have said so many times how wonderful this community is. In this recap I want to give you two examples that really proof it.

It was shortly after mainsale that one of our OG boars, Maniboar, came in chat only to tell us that he received a scam DM and without thinking he had entered his seed phrase and all his boars were transferred out. We could see them for sale on OpenSea directly. It was heartbreaking to watch. While the community was discussing of buying them back for Mani, our wonderful devs had already done exactly that. They bought the boars from the scammers and returned them to Mani. It was a very special act of kindness and one that would set an example for another incident happening only shortly after.

About two weeks later we were spending a great day in chat when the boar floor suddenly dropped. In total 12 boars were sold for cheap and they all came from the same wallet. Our community members started digging into that wallet, which held NFTs and ETH worth around 100K and it became clear quickly that this wallet was being scammed and drained. It didn’t take long and RichyL appeared in chat telling us that it was his wallet and that he had done a stupid mistake entering his seed phrase on a scam page. He wanted to share his story with us to warn us. He also shared that he had a life-limiting illness and had built his NFT portfolio to secure the future of his eight children.

The boars dropped on floor were already bought by community members. After hearing RichyL’s story we all did an effort to validate his background and story. We even had RichyL on voice chat. In the end seven of us returned the boars they bought from floor and gifted them to RichyL. We also tagged the other communities RichyL had NFTs from to let them know what happened and what we have done. But unfortunately our Angry Boars community was the only one that returned RichyL’s boar for free and tried to help him reduce his loss.

Both stories are wonderful examples of the level of kindness shared within our community. We care for each other and we help as much as we can if one of us is in trouble. This BoarFam stands strong!

Charity vote

One part of Roadmap 1 was a 5 ETH donation to a charity chosen by the community. It got activated on September 25th with a channel opened for our community to submit ideas for charities. People could leave hearts for the charities they would like to support. The five leading charities qualified for a final poll.

While there were a couple of big charities with many hearts, two community members decided to go on the quest together and share the 5 ETH for the charities they are running plus give to a third Romanian based organization:

  1. Sleapy’s Foundation — An organization that supports families financially and emotionally in difficult life situations, e.g. battling cancer. The foundation is run by Sleapy’s family.

2. Himmelskind — An organization in Switzerland supporting parents after the loss of their baby during pregnancy or after birth with free counseling, workshops, self support groups and events. Founded in 2019 by Franzi.

3. Florantina Cioaca and Nicolettas Shelter — A dog shelter in Romania saving dogs from the streets or from being killed. Spyrodus is the ambassador for this wonderful private project.

It was a tough task at hand. Competing against well known organizations like “The Ocean Cleanup” and “Save the Children” needed a lot of education of the people in our community. But as soon as people understood about the causes of these charities and how much more valuable the ETH would be for them the community came together and helped massively to win this battle.

It was thrilling until the end. The votes between A and B were so close and only in the last hour of the vote the two charities going together under B finally took the lead and took the prize home.

Thanks again to our wonderful community that has worked in shifts for three days to educate people and make them vote for the charities founded by our own community members. It was heart warming to see.

Tesla and other raffles

You know me by now. I can’t enthuse enough about the raffles. I mean that voice… You know it! And we had lots of raffles to enjoy it. Alin ran some statistics for this recap and it is just impressive how many prizes have been given away. It shows how much our team cares about their community and tries to give back. Have a look at the numbers and see for yourselves:

Total live raffle prizes and various giveaways:
- 125 Angry Boars
- 14 Angry Meerkats
- 5 Symbiotes
- 10.5 ETH
- 1 Tesla Model 3 (12 ETH equivalent chosen by the winner)
- 1 MAYC (#2538)
- 1 Lazy Lion (#2794)
- 1 Surreal (#5014)
- 1 Humanoid (#4253)
- 1 Wicked Ape Bone Club (#1820)

A total of staggering ~35 ETH = 133.000$ @ 3800$ / ETH!

Numa Numa

It was during one of the raffles that someone asked our devs for a popular Romanian song, which got famous across their borders. The choice wasn’t really that big and to be honest the song we got to hear then is cringe for a lot of people. But little did we know that day, that this song would become like a national Boar anthem very soon. An anthem that had to be played during each raffle causing massive dance GIF wars in general chat… crazy times!

So if in any future Boar Trivia you are asked for the Boar anthem in 2021, here is your answer:

And yes, not only the video is horrible. The songtext is, too :-D

Meerkat Madness

On September 29th, only days after the main sale finished, GomezZ and Nemecu surprised us with a very special announcement — the arrival of the Angry Meerkats end of October!

Think about it for a moment. Six days after the Boars sold out, this team already came up with the companions. Isn’t it quite insane? The speed this team moves forward is incredible and it just shows their dedication and how serious they are with the future of this project.

It would only be a 30 days wait until the free mint for each Boar we own. The boys spoiled us with various sneakpeaks those days.

Early Sketched
The first sneakpeeks

Minting started on October 30th and was open for 30 days in total, which enabled everyone of us to find a good gas window. That decision was brilliant since gas was incredibly high in October. Still many of us couldn’t hold back and started minting straight away despite gas costs. Also this time a lot of us spent time in the Board Room and enjoyed the various reveals together.

The atmosphere was as amazing as the Meerkats that started to show up on Opensea and in the wallets of our community members. The mint start went super smooth and without any issues. Until November 29th a staggering 7631 Meerkats were minted. It’s impressive to see how our devs always deliver on time while at the same time surpassing everyone’s expectations.

What the $OINK?

After a short breather our hype level went through the roof again on November 13th — with the announcement of the upcoming $OINK token and all the exciting things it would bring into our Angry Boars ecosystem.

While the Meerkats were the first utility for the Boars, the $OINK token would give utility to the kats. And the system chosen by the team is simple and yet so smart. For every Meerkat you hold you get 5 $OINK per day and it is literally just holding them — no staking required. Whenever you need $OINK you can claim it from the website. The first real use case for the token is The Symbiosis and later the Angry Merch Shop, which was announced as well.

$OINK can be earned for 5 years, which leads to a total supply of 69,632,875 $OINK tokens, based on the 7,631 minted Kats.

Liquidity Pool

On December 14th our community took the next step forward by creating a liquidity pool, which would enable people to swap their ETH for $OINK and the other way around.

Here is the Link to the Pool.

Everyone can contribute to the liquidity pool, no matter how big or small the amount is you want to put in. It is in our community’s interest to help the LP succeed by focussing on contributing to it. A successful LP will not only help us in terms of earning passive income but will also have a positive effect on the floor price of our meerkats and boars and will attract future buyers. Of course, you are free to sell your precious $OINK for 20 Cents. But why would you do that when you can have some patience and sell it for 1 USD or 10 USD one day? Just keep that in mind. We shart to shift our mentality from short term greed to an investors mindset focusing on longterm profit….

If you want to know more about the pool and what some of our community members think about it you can watch the video below:


Something strange is happening in The Attic!
We can hear obscure sounds.
Some weird kind of smells and scratching on the grounds.
Someone’s experimenting with boars and meerkats…
Some new kind of breeding.
We can’t say much now but this Symbiosis seems to be succeeding.

We all knew it would go down one day - that bomb that we have been waiting for ever since Roadmap 2.0 got announced: The Symbiosis. The third collection in our Angry Boars ecosystem. With the start of $OINK we waited patiently for THE announcement and it started one Wednesday morning with GomezZ dropping this little tease:

The HYPE got real and it was some long (but fun) hours in chat until the bomb finally dropped and what a bomb it was! The start date of The Symbiosis and a super cool teaser video.

The wait felt so long and the anticipation was super high, with juicy sneakpeeks and the usual slightly mean teasing of GomezZ and Nemecu. On December 15th, with our Angry Boars being exactly 3 months old, the long wait finally came to an end and the Symbiosis process was started.

How exciting were the hours before and after. The moment the minting went live the first unrevealed Symbiotes trickled into OpenSea. A lot of our community members spent the time together in the Board Room looking excitedly at the first reveals and discussing all the insane traits that could be discovered.

We knew the Symbiotes would be awesome but boy, “awesome” is a massive understatement. Our artist, Skipsq, has just outdone himself and surpassed any expectations we had. There is so much to discover in any single Symbiote. The traits are so creative that it is hard to decide, which trait is the best.

Until today roughly 740 Symbiotes have been minted. So we will continue to see new reveals and amazing comnibations.

Angry Tattoos

If anyone puts a Boar or Meerkat under his skin for the rest of his/her life it is definitely worth mentioning in a recap. Our two wonderful community members Alin and Fiara were the first ones to get a tattoo and look how beautiful and well executed they are. Congratz to these amazig tattoos and thank you for your courage to go first!

Community Voices

We have talked a lot about our great community here. Let’s listen to some of them and get some insight why they joined, why they stayed, what they are excited about and some that will just make you LOL.

Angry Stats

As of December 29th:

  • Angry Boars holders: 3407 (10.000 Boars total supply)
  • Angry Boars transfers: 18.359
  • Angry Boars OpenSea transactions volume: 722 ETH (2.743.600$ @ 3800$ / ETH)
  • Angry Meerkats holders: 2075 (7631 Meerkats total supply)
  • Angry Meerkats transfers: 8854
  • Angry Meerkats OpenSea transactions volume: 75.3 ETH (286.140$ @ 3800$ / ETH)
  • 7,631 have generated 1,610,141 $oink but due to 741 mints we have burned 1,276,691 which is 20.70%
  • The Symbiosis holders: 363 (ongoing mint, 3815 Symbiosis maximum supply)
  • The Symbiosis transfers: 759
  • The Symbiosis OpenSea transactions volume: 1.1 ETH (4180$ @ 3800$ / ETH)
  • Discord members: 15700
  • Total Discord messages since July 1st 2021: 1.596.434
  • GomezZ “Let’s Go Baby”: ~6969 times
  • Nemecu “For sure”: ~110 times
  • Skipsq imagination: Infinity +1

Market Outlook for 2022

Our very own TheMushroomGeneral wanted to give you an outlook on where the market could take us in 2022. Read his amazing article here:

Happy New Year Wishes

The end of this recap is approaching like the end of this year. Only a few more hours are left at least for some of us. Others are already in the future, celebrating 2022.

It’s been an amazing year for the BoarFam. Looking back at all the things achieved in such a short amount of time should make all of us extremely confident and bullish for 2022. Not only do we have a brilliant, creative and hard-working dev team but also a community that has been stepping up for their Boars more and more by the day. We are slowly leaving the moonboys and flippers behind us, transferring our Boars, Kats and Symbiotes into strong hands of holders and active community members. This should be our continued effort in 2022.

Our goal should be to keep up the great work on Social Media, structure it more and get even better at it. It’s free marketing for our project and we should shine at it! It is something everyone of us can contribute to with only little effort involved. We should continue being a welcoming, supportive, warm, fun and cool community — a place new members want to stay and be a part of. A community that doesn’t talk floor, cause it is confident and patient enough to know that great things need time to build. We should focus on being a community that understands that success needs work from all sides and everyone involved and lead by example. And last but not least, let’s move forward being a strong unit that can ride the ups as well as the down together. This is the NFT space at last…

With that I wish everyone of you a very happy and prosperous 2022. I wish that you have someone to love or find the one you have been looking for. I hope you find meaningful work to do and have things greater than yourself to believe in. I wish that you have a reason to smile every day and a shoulder to cry on when you need it. I want you to keep your integrity even when choices get hard and I wish you can be kind with people around you even when it seems impossible. I hope your 2022 will be filled with new opportunities, new adventures and renewed hope. I want you to love deeply, give freely, forgive willingly, laugh easily and live well enough to be grateful for every day.

Happy New Year, BoarFam!

Bits and pieces of our funny community

Let’s finish this recap with some funny screenshots collected in general chat, featuring the most hilarious level ups and comments.

Hercules always offers material for a good laugh.
Hercules fooling Gluco while he was trying to guess his real name.
Rozla’s Wifi was target of a lot of funny jokes!
Leveling up swearing at Mee6 — Franzi owns it!
Leveling up in style could be an art itself….
Tinboy likes to level up with girls…
Never mention The Maid!

There are still some mysteries unsolved:

  1. Who the hell is blockgo??

2. What is happening in the attic? It is still so dark and there is a weird smell… Rumours have it it’s BoarJoe’s feet but no one knows for sure.

3. Are Mee6 and The Maid making out?

Angry Links

Opensea Boars
Opensea Angry Meerkats
Opensea The Symbiosis
Community Youtube
Community Medium Account




Writing for the Angry Boars community!

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Writing for the Angry Boars community!

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