their well established patterns of tipping elections and quietly toppling governments
A Truly Fancy Bear:
Dale Beran

Oh, please.

I’m sorry, but USA does that as well as the Russians. Thrust me, I’m Brazilian, we remember 1964. So, if such a thing would happen to USA, some people might be inclined to see it as some kind of poetic justice.

Anyway, I believe it is an unlikely event, since the most well established spying force in the world is, indeed, American. I would seriously start to doubt American competence if, after spending such an outrageous amount of resources to build such a vast network of operations to secretly peek even its allies, USA would fall victim to its own game.

Also, there’s a key difference between releasing private documents of a candidate to swing popular preference and actually hacking the vote counting. The two are horribly anti-democratic things to do, but one requires only basic infiltration against one or few targets, the other is a massive operation with many possibilities for catastrophic failure, a PR disaster and potential political, economic or even military retaliation.

Don’t take me wrong. I’m also sad that Trump won — despite the fact that Hillary isn’t better than him, meaning that she doesn’t represent the oppressed, but the oppressors, disguising her elitism under a fancy populist rhetoric. I just feel too dangerous to empower nationalistic, xenophobic discourses in USA, since its falling into a fascistic regime is a world-wide disaster. In that sense, Hillary would be a much better choice.

That being said, I believe Democrats in general should take the true lessons the election has to offer, instead of being in denial. People know, even if barely, the promiscuous relationship between the government and the filthy, greed rich of Wall Street, and they are tired of it. People know wars are fought because of lobbies and economic or geopolitical interests, not because of pseudo-philosophical nationalistic banters, and they are tired of it. The GOP ins’t expected to stand against those things, the DNC was. If it will not, people will look for other options. In some naive sense, with a lot of misplaced trust and in the midst of incredible absurdities, Trump somehow represents this search.