Fake News — What is it really?

The Feed news org ran a very interesting report on “Fake News.” Now, I know this has already been pushed to the side by the media megas. They think they have sold it to us hook, line and sinker.

They are wrong. Very, very, very wrong. And if you have pushed this whole idea out of your mind… maybe you should get a fresh perspective.

Firstly on a political point of view. “Fake News” is a term that really means, we will take the “truth” and then tell you what the “truth” is. It is a scary step in the direction of an Orwellian propaganda machine that allows Government entities and Corporations to dominate the spectrum of ideas that are available to you.

On a business point of view. “Fake News” helps covet mistakes from financial loses, corporate corruption and … on the other side of the coin… the good things people do. Like US oil companies setting world class standards above and beyond EPA regulations in protecting water zones… na, the Gov doesn’t want you to know that… They want you to hate oil companies! Hate hate hate…

On a personal point of view. What news, information, data and history will be available to you and your children via online resources will be controlled. They have done it to our math classes and history books. Imagine what they’ll do when you can’t learn anything but what they want you to learn. They will “guide” you to resources. Google has already build algorthims to do just this.

On a developer point of view. Selling our internet to the UN/EU conglomeration and setting up control infrastructure in Google, Microsoft, Uber and other big players prevents you from doing simple things: getting search results from Google’s APIs. Setting up a Google Map plugin for WordPress. Oh yes… it effects you in so many ways. And soon coming to a North Korean-ish Democracy… They… the people that bought the internet, can control what web domains are published! Whew… so don’t be making any radical political websites.

Okay, so enough about the negativity…

I want to scare the hell out of you now.

Did you know that the Clintons and Trump met with big wigs from Google, Microsoft, Uber, IBM, etc, etc, etc… to discuss the issue of “Fake News” and things that need to be put into place to control “fake news” over a YEAR AGO? The Feed has pictures of it.

I though this was new also. But no. Our government and gigantic corporations have been actively controlling all the information flow for over a year now.

No you didn’t miss the vote. They are doing this behind your back.

So here we go…

The Feed shared a report about how Fake News is such a needed idea in our culture. Go go go! You socialistic lemmings!!!

“The only problem is selfish interests that have the nerve to step up and tell the government that they have no right to control this.” — The Feed

What a selfish jerk! HOW DARE AMERICANS tell the United States Government that they can’t control OUR internet.

So we should be like North Korea?

Yeah buddy. Do we really want the government to step in and tell us what “truth” is. We want a bunch of snake in the grass, lying government officials and corporate tech behemoths to tell you what the truth is? The very people all you liberals bitch about that keep the black people down and keep you under thumb… constantly get caught in money and government scandals; you want them tell you and your children what is true and false?

No comments???

So what is “Fake News” to you?

As far as I can tell, it is all spun in one direction or another. So who is going to tell us the “truth?” Who should you believe? And why does the government think I’m too stupid to make up my own mind? Oh oh oh… you poor sophisticated asshole news guy. You literally talk all nice and sweet, but make fun of and talk shit on Republicans, Christians and Conservatives. So don’t even try to talk to me unless you can actually realize the problem:

Your Government and your Corporations are not on your side. It doesn’t matter how you vote. They are both in bed with these Corporations and they are putting the stranglehold on our information flow. They tend to side with the liberal (not Democratic… I believe there are still good Dems out there)… but the Liberal Socialistic agenda.

They are handing the reins over to left-wing groups like NBC, Associated Press and others. Is that right? What would be the difference if we handed the fact checking over to Fox News, Rush and Alex Jones? Who is going to tell us the TRUTH? Not a single fucking one of them 100%.

But WE have to control the “garbage” on social media. Why? What garbage? Now we get into biases. “WE” is a term that can be labelled: dictators.

So a recent example that has been happening a LOT and is NEVER reported on: A right wing conservative posts something on Twitter (yep, Alex, Rush, Hannity, Glen Beck and more) They say something that you don’t agree with and we should just control LET an uncensored group of somebodies have the ability to turn the volume down on a disagreeing party?

Political Monopoly! And I thought they just owned the media!

So Twitter starts removing tweets and deterring the traffic to their account. Yes, it is happening. Stop watching local bullshit news and get informed. There are hundreds of people complaining about this.

Childish? Twitter… C’mon. Grow a pair you little sissies.

And it’s always right wing conservatives that get attacked. What happens if you post something really “bad” about Trump. You want them to have the power to delete your post too?

So the Feed commentator asks: “Does this hurt Facebook?”

“Well yes,” says the nerdy looking guy, “it seems that this is controlled by biases.”

The third guy laughs condescendingly. “Yes, it may hurt Facebook, but we should see an outcome that will benefit all. They are developing algorithms to make an influential difference for our future.”

— As he speaks a touchy-feel-good pic pops up! Trump and Clinton officials smile at big wigs in the tech industry like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Uber, etc… All cheerful and smiling. The commentator then describes the image “This a photo from a year ago with Trump and the Clintons at a meeting with tech gurus from around the world. Discussing algorithms in relation to what we now call: fake news.”

A year ago… algorithms… politicians… fake news…?

Why was Trump there? Why were the Clintons there? Why are all these companies discussing “fake news” a year ago? Are we keeping the possible to-be-president up to date on a new non-votable program behind the scenes of the American people?

Trump and the Clintons meet with Google, Apple, Uber, Microsoft and others talking algorithms and how to sort out “fake news?”

A year ago…?

So this planned, cooperative government and corporate initiative has been ongoing for a year or more? This isn’t some election related gibberish… no no. This is a SERIOUSLY planned move by the United States Government in association with the biggest names on the playground.

And what’s worse? This is not new folks. They are going to restrict information under the guise of “fake news.” And we have zero say in it. No voting, NOTHING.

Blown away! Obama is just a spokes person for some corporate controlled puppetry we have going on. His last speech he did the mic drop: “Fake News”

So now, they are currently trying to sell you on it. Its not “Fake News.” It’s a line that literally means they are going to decide what you can and can’t learn. The committee in Texas changed your History books, the government implemented United Nations sanctioned learning agenda so they control how and what you learn in our school systems, (remember the crazy new math curriculum?) now they are going to control and filter all of the information and access to resources online.

That means it has turned in to one giant propaganda machine, which is no different than what is implemented in North Korea. It won’t be at that scale of course; at least not yet. But a generation down the road? Your children will NOT KNOW ANY BETTER. They will be brainwashed even more. And we’ll be getting farther and FARTHER AWAY FROM THE TRUTH.

They want to re-educate you. Obama’s Secretary of Education talked about this exact agenda in a speech in 2008. Arne Duncan called us: “green surfs.” This isn’t a year ago… this has been a plan in the making since who-knows-when.

So why? Why do this? Why now?

They are scared that people might just be telling the truth. They are totally shutting us down from any possibility that our opinions and choices can be influenced from other sources besides their own.

Being Informed:

This occurred to me as a huge part of the ongoing problem. No one is informed, and when information does come knocking, you ignore it because we no longer can tell truth from lies. At least that’s what they say. My opinion is… I’m not stupid. I can read the article and decided for myself.

The FBI is admittedly pumping disinformation into the net. Just testing the waters and gaining intel to protect us?

So we are shielding ourselves from ourselves?

And more importantly, why is our government and all of these companies so concerned with people voicing their opinions on Facebook? We have the right to. Facebook has the right to shut us down if they want.

It’s their company.

Their policies.

Their say!

But difficult and cocky Mark… he is handing everything over to the Gov? … they are handing it over the GOVERNMENT? Mark Zuckerburg is very very shy about the ongoing of Facebook. He takes NO outside help, but yet he just hands his control over?

Shouldn’t that raise a flag?

So just connecting some dots. Cause the Zuckerberg thing has the left and the right sort of perplexed if you listen to NPR and Ruters. Yes, NPR was even like… WTF?

Why does this lie on the heels of so many other suspicious actions from technology behemoths and a year after the government apparently has been working to solve this “problem” with these companies?

I’ll get back to this.

Noticing the Problem:

I became aware of this huge difference in how we are un-informed and informed differently dependent on location.

I had just moved to the front range from a small town in Kansas. It became very clear that nobody here reads the news. Or do they?

Eastern Colorado/Northwestern Kanas… “The FDA shot down a plan that will be costly to consumers. We should see insurance rates rise dramatically. Food costs are expected to increase as much as 30% in the next 10 years.”

Front Range… “And this woman claims that the painter left for lunch… And did NOT come back to finish the job.” … back to you Tim.

I watched the news reports and I realized why they are so uninformed. It’s sports, weather, forest fires, complaining about a local company and car crashes. Ask anyone. They don’t even know what is going on 15 minutes east of Denver. They are told nothing of current events beside late night shows mocking and demonizing anything that doesn’t agree with the main stream press. Seemed to me, they all have their heads buried in the sand and it’s pretty clear why. Unless they take the time to sort through information from different sources, they are going to be left in the dark. What has that time to roam the net for news? So we are being led like the blind.

I think the situation after elections gave them a perfect window to capitalize on this and they labelled it “Fake News” There are reports that some rich socialist was giving money to people to start some of those riots. There is a “conspiracy theory” that a lot of that activity was merely to soften the concept of “Fake news”

What a name. It could literally mean everything, and whether you’re on the left or right, you can’t necessarily argue with the verbiage. I don’t want to hear left wing crap, and you don’t want to hear right wing crap. A perfect foot in the door using divide and conquer.

It is troublesome that people are not informed. Even more troublesome is the fact that when you do ask questions or voice an opinion, you risk being laughed out of the room. You kook, you conspiracy nut… PROVE IT!!!

It was on the news last night?! No… because main stream media doesn’t report on the actual news. So people think you are wacko. It’s so sad.

The media has people so conditioned.

So do you read the news?

Other Factors and how web development will be commercialized about like a utility company:

I have been watching the tech industry become more and more constrained. Eight years ago Bill Gates said in a Forbes magazine article, the “cloud is a way to organize the internet” Why do we need to organize the whole internet Bill? Why? What purpose do you have for organizing the internet? It’s not your internet. Why do these big corps think they own everything? And why are our leaders on board with this?

Let’s see. Discovery channel: Microsoft is working hard at streaming technologies. No longer will you have to buy a new computer. You get a monitor and it is a window into the web. You will get all the upgraded technology at your finger tips. Is that why? They want to setup a business control scheme? Or does it have something to do with what’s going on right now? Fake News?

Well lets apply this to Google’s recent actions:

Google buying up to 14 companies per week just incase anyone dare come up with a better algorithm or new technology. They revamped their search engine, drastically reducing information to 3rd parties, implemented new algorithms for searching… and as soon as Obama dropped the little bomb… Google is at the forefront of “Fact Checking.”

NBC news: “Google is already at the forefront of fact checking”

And if you are a web dev… please go check out their new API structure. Totally bottlenecked and filtered.

A week later after Obama: they come out publicly stating that web scraping and spidering is illegal.

How do you suppose their search engines work? Who is Google to say that?! Are they not the most guilty of anyone for doing it? They can do it, but the average joe can’t? Google is in full out attack mode on this “Fake News” stuff. And it started being tested drastically during the campaign and they were caught red handed.

“We don’t do that!” says Google. Then why’d you get into trouble for pushing Hillary sites? And if you aren’t able to do that… Then how did you remove sites about Axl Rose being fat from searches?

So we have Google cornering the tech market and filtering what you have access to. We have Microsoft behind the scenes organizing all of our internet. We have an AP article about a huge data storage facility being built in Utah. Snowden ranting about Orwellian computer control… that was when the AP article was released.

So what Microsoft, Google and the Gov will give you all the tech, they will hand you the tech that you will then get the “truth” from

…including your daily vegan food pills and your auto hours of work time. CREEPY…

And now we have the little Google Home controlling system that teaches your children and controls the temp in your house?

Giant, big, red Orwellian flag in the air please.

Dictating Products:

Speaking of Google and Amazon’s little creepy assistants. Let’s throw in another thought.

Microsoft is now screening who can use their new technologies. Seriously. Check out their facial and vocal recognition libraries. You can have the poor man’s version, or you can apply, and then get screened before you can have access.

They are dictating who can use their tech. Not that big of a deal. But considering this all comes at the same time? All the major corps are following suit as well.

It just doesn’t seem right.

Google is doing the same type of things with their APIs, mapping technologies and more. They are making a gap between US AND THEM. It’s pretty obvious.

Racism… whoa dude… what does that have to do with any of this?

Did you know Black History is written completely wrong? Ironically enough, there WAS a huge push to get the Black Man into society. Many politicians including Theo’s right hand man were silenced by… somebody. If we have access to the real story. Might racism be a tool that WE use to tell the government off? Instead of a tool used to divide us? Missouri officials even provided FREE SCHOOLING to black people to help them out. There was a huge drive to get black americans … AMERICANS. Why aren’t told that?

All of this should terrify people.

Now these companies are joining forces with the Government and they are going to tell us the “truth?” We’ve been lied to since day one by all these people and we HATE them for it! We hate them for segregating us… but now we are going to just hand over ALL of the control to these people?

It is getting out of control.

And I know you’re thinking “radical conspiracy kook.” But get off your social site, get away from lemming TV and look for yourself. Fake News isn’t about politics. It’s about people like me and you seeing the truth. It’s about hundreds of years of hate going out the window because powers that be have kept us tied to racism and segregations. They don’t want YOU to know the truth. So they are going to take it over. Simple as that.

Don’t Jump The Gun:

It won’t happen over night. It will be slow and meticulous sluggish take over. Just like it’s always been. You can get worked up, but then you’ll just get burned out. I’m telling you. Just like a legislative document. There are levels and releases, reviews and observations, before that document can ever reside as law. This has been in the works for at least a year; Obama’s guy talked about it in 08.

Just don’t let them force it on us anymore.

The outcome? You will slowly be conformed. Look at all the people on the front range. They have no idea what happens 15 minutes away from them. They are not informed of anything unless they go and look for themselves. Soon they will not be able to look for themselves.


We need to at least ask what is going on, because the facts add up to something very Orwellian and creepy. And yes, these are facts. The quotes, the year thing. It’s all out there. Go look it up.

If you think there is nothing wrong with all this. Then have fun being in a white jump suit, eating vegan pills surrounded by white walls with your 30 minute allowed walk per day in a designated area so you don’t harm nature, with government issued devices all holding hands singing Kumbaya. But you won’t know what Kumbaya even means because you have no access to any history. In-fact you aren’t singing Kumbaya at all, you are singing a “I am God”… the very same thing the devil himself would like to stand on a soap-box and scream out loud.

But controlling “fake news”… It’s for the greater good don’t you know?

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