A Year In A Life of a Cidery

August: The Art of Blending

Apples, fermentation, barrel aging, blending. These are the key components to making a deliciously complex cider.

“Blending is where the magic happens,” says our head cider maker Ryan. “The point in which a cider can develop into a work of art.”

Tasting through each barrel, Ryan chooses which cider developed the right characteristics, if a cider needs to continue aging, and those that don’t make the cut to get blended for a final product.

“We’re looking for continuity across the barrels in terms of flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel. The barrels that share these attributes are chosen to be blended together in order to achieve desired balance and complexity in a cider,” explains Ryan.

As our barrel program grows, we’ll be exploring the effects that different barrels have on the cider, and digging deeper into our old world influences — like traditional cider making techniques, heirloom apple varieties, barrel types, and yeast strains. All of these elements will inspire what’s to come from our Innovation Cider House in Walden, NY.

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