A Year in the Life of A Cidery

October: New York Cider Week

With our collection of experimental ciders growing at the Innovation Cider House, we brought our newest releases to New York Cider Week to share what we’ve been up to.

“It’s fun to get out there and connect with cider drinkers who can’t visit the cider house as easily,” said Head Cider Maker Ryan Burk. “People love the chance to try a curated selection of ciders side by side and taste the differences. It’s a just as much of a learning experience for me as it is for them.”

Head Cider Maker Ryan Burk talks with attendees of the New York Cider Week kick off party at Jimmy’s No 43

Events like this are a great way to connect with cider drinkers and other cider makers in person.

“I love to talk shop with cider makers,” said Ryan. “Whether you’re a cider maker by trade or experimenting with cider making in your basement, like I once was, it’s a blast to share experiences and wisdom. Cider making is a tight knit community filled with innovation and simply a love of apples”

Head Cider Maker Ryan Burk talks shop with Original Sin Hard Cider founder Gidon Coll.