A Year In The Life of A Cidery

Angry Orchard
Nov 29, 2016 · 4 min read

November: Ciders made at the Angry Orchard Innovation Cider House

To say that the Innovation Cider House has lived up to its name might be an understatement considering the award winning ciders that were crafted here this year.

“Each bottle developed at the Angry Orchard Innovation Cider House stands on it’s own,” said Head Cider Maker Ryan Burk. “We started every new cider with a completely blank canvas, and wanted each to bring something different to the table. At the end of the day, it all comes down to finding the perfect balance between the elements of the cider, and we’re very proud of what we’ve made here.”

With our barrel program growing in the Stone Barn, and this year’s crop of apples hitting the presses, it’s hard not to get excited for all that’s ahead. But before we look to far into the future, we’d like to officially introduce you to the complete line-up of ciders made at our Innovation Cider House this year.

Walden Hollow

This annual release cider is made with our cider maker’s choice of heirloom New York State apple varieties, including some from our very own Orchard in Walden, NY. This cider is fermented with wild yeast to evoke earthy, farmhouse qualities that complement the bright aroma of fresh peeled apple skins and a rich full body. It finishes medium sweet with tartness characteristic of NY State apples.

It won silver at the US Open Cider Competition, under New England Cider.

Bitter Steve

A nod to orchardist and cider maker Steve Wood, Bitter Steve is a blend of bittersweet apples and high acid apples like Rhode Island Greening and Pioneer Crab. Fermented in stainless steel tanks and aged in Calvados barrels, this cider has a slight sparkling quality and drinks medium sweet.

It won silver in the English Cider category at the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition.

Understood In Motion: 01

This cider was born of friendship among two Northeast cider makers, as well as a shared commitment to raising awareness of the American cider industry. With Understood in Motion 01, we worked with our friends at Eden Specialty Ciders (VT) to combine techniques and favorite ingredients to develop something completely new, while paying homage to the American cider making tradition.

This cider is made from a carefully selected blend of heirloom apples from Vermont, including Ananas Reinette and D’Arcy, resulting in a still, semi-dry cider with balanced acidity and low tannin, aged in Calvados barrels for 6 months.

It recently won Gold in the Cider/Mead/ Perry at the FoBAB Competition.

Maple Wooden Sleeper

We teamed up with the folks over at Crown Maple Syrup for this delicious cider. Made from a blend of heirloom and bittersweet apple varieties, this cider was then aged in bourbon barrels with that golden goodness that is Crown Maple Syrup.


A tart, funky, and complex cider made from bittersweet and sharp apples, taking its cues from traditional Spanish cider makers. Edu pays homage to a friend from Asturias who has helped shape our path.

First Flora

First Flora marks the beginning of our story in Walden. The first fermentation of the 2015 harvest, this is an off-dry cider made with bittersweet and sharp apples, and fermented using only the natural micro flora of our orchard, then aged for several months in Calvados barrels.

The Extension

A blend of heirloom and bittersweet cider apples, this cider was finished with mixed fermentation then aged in oak and off dry. It is named for the Cornell Cooperative Extension, where we have explored, discovered, and enjoyed new apple varieties with our friends.

Interested in seeing what goes into making a cider here at our Innovation Cider House? Check out the video below.

Angry Orchard

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Join us as we take you through the year in the life of a cidery at the Innovation Cider House on our orchard in Walden, NY.

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