A Year In The Life of A Cidery

May: Cider Fruit Tree Planting

Angry Orchard
May 29, 2016 · 2 min read

We had an exciting month at the Angry Orchard Innovation Cider House. Reopening our doors for the season was a highlight, but we’re most proud of the new addition to the orchard, 3 acres of cider apple trees planted into the soil.

This first planting of 30 varieties of cider apples is just the beginning of the cider apple trees to come to our orchard.

Cider Apple tree roots

Yup that’s right…3–0!

Some of the varieties include: Brown Snout, Sommerset Red Streak, Kingston Black, Golden Russet and Porters Perfect and Stock Red.

Our goal is to not only keep our eyes on the trees to watch the progress but to learn from them.

“Here at Angry Orchard, we’re not only thinking about the cider apples for our orchard, we’re looking to understand the best cider apples that grow in our region so that other farmers feel encourage to grow these varieties as well. This is an investment in the future of cider.” our cidermaker Ryan Burk informs.

Cidermaker Ryan Burk planting trees
Apple tree entering the ground.

While we’ll start to see the trees fruit in 3 years, it’ll be a full 5 years until the they produce at full capacity. Cider apples grown from our orchard trees will be used to create cider house ciders that can only be tasted on site.

We think worth the wait, worth the visit!

Planting finished!
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