A Year in the Life of a Cidery

January: The Dormant Season

Trees recuperating post-harvest at the Angry Orchard Innovation Cider House — Walden, NY

This year is our first full calendar year at the Innovation Cider House at our orchard in Walden, NY in the heart of the Hudson Valley. We’re excited to welcome you to our new home in this majestic apple-growing region of the country.

In this series of articles, we’ll chronicle the life-cycle of the cider making process from the Dormant season to the Harvest.

Winter on an orchard can be pretty quiet. After apple harvest, there is certainly lots to do from a cider making perspective, but there’s less to do from a farming perspective until it’s time to prune the trees right before spring.

Angry Orchard cider maker Ryan Burk in the orchard with Jeff Crist, whose family had owned the Orchard since 1963 and continues to farm the land for us.

It’s also really important that the apple trees get what apple growers call a dormant season, which is the winter chilling period that allows the trees to wake up come spring.

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