You Support Donald Trump. You Just Don’t Know It.

It an interesting POV, and I don’t disagree — But I think the overall coarsening of the culture, while it reduced the friction with which Trump’s tone would have been met 25 years ago, wasn’t the primary engine of his race toward the nomination. The concept harnessed by the GOP in 1968 that they could use white fear and rage to cement hold on a major chunk of the electorate, especially in the South and Midwest, is the lab in which this Frankenstein was created. Employing an ability to fill 20–30% of the population with a fictionalized depiction of the world (starting with direct mail and Rush, then exploding with Fox News, Drudge, Breitbart, etc,) the GOP was able to get furious working class whites to burn a path to the polls every 2 years looking to protect themselves from Commies, coloreds, Feminazis, Bible and Gun snatchers, and later, those godless homos who wanted to turn them all gay. But year after year, their votes only ended up electing reps, senators and the odd POTUS who turned out to be primarily focused on lowering the Capital gains tax, accelerating deregulation of all industry, and otherwise feathering the nest of corporate America and the very rich.

Now a charismatic, amoral and opportunistic demagogue has found a message that capitalizes on all the pre-assembled rage and misinformation, but twists it with a faux-populist helping of revenge against the GOP establishment that never followed through on all the extremist, eliminationist ideas the angry base take seriously… And it’s like hate-crack for a huge bloc of working class and middle class whites for whom the impact of NAFTA, the destruction of labor, the repeal of Glass Steagall and Globalization as a whole is all too remote, and not nearly as tangible as the cartoon of a ‘Lazy’ Mexican who paradoxically has the energy to take 3 American jobs, vote 4 times under 4 names, and still has a little mojo left to rape & rob by night…

But no doubt, as you point out, this whole process has made simpler by the normalizing of callous behavior and social darwinism being celebrated across pop culture.

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